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The Hebdo deception in Paris


The Industrial Ghetto was in turmoil for a few days after the murder of 12 individuals in Paris. Where is a list of their names? Amazingly few of us seem to notice that their assassins behaved as trained military operatives and acted in every way as professionals. First they shot some trained security guards who didn’t get to fire even one shot in defense. Then they raced … Continue reading

Sniper-shooting opinion pigeons


I hate war in all forms and I utterly despise anyone justifying any form of killing a human being for any cause, without exception. You cannot fight evil with evil, no matter how you look or sound; Evil is pro death. There is no difference between soldiers killing for God or Democracy or some patriotic propaganda; both are killing for an abstract idea, both believe that they … Continue reading

The ticking time bomb of nine past eleven


I remember clearly where I was on 911. In Iceland it was around lunch time and I had dropped by at a friend’s place to discuss a personal matter. His girlfriend rang him and said “turn on the news.” We did and then watched, dumbfounded. Do you remember where you were on that morning, who you were with and what you were doing? Do you remember the … Continue reading

The Anglo Saxon conspiracy will soon be evident


We who are subjects in western democracies have been made to believe that there is a UK-USA partnership when there isn’t one. Yet it might appear to be and for a very good reason. It is usually referred to as Anglo-American partnership. The Anglo-Saxon conspiracy is the suggestion that there exists a powerful elite in the United Kingdom and elsewhere working towards the demise of the American empire … Continue reading

The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games


There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs. If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because … Continue reading

Update on the Hebdo Deception


As I wrote in my last article about the Hebdo Deception – the attack was fabricated to justify increased violence by the ruling Elite against the growing number of Sharia Micronations in European countries. There are great points in the following clip from Abby Martin’s show Breaking the Set, which enforce this view of mine.   httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnf6KfEroE   I also wish to point out a recent message from … Continue reading

The Shadow of the Charlie Hebdo deception


There are many controversies regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre which I won’t get into in this article. I’ve explained my suspicions in two earlier articles on this site already. I also have detailed my suspicions on my Icelandic site (hreinberg.is) and perhaps will copy and translate that piece onto this one for consistency, as it cuts to the chase. That being said, I am convinced that the … Continue reading

The Christians wage war on other faiths


The original message of Yehoshua son of Mary was to promote the same freedom and Inspiration as all true prophets before him and all true prophets after him. His core message, as with that of the others, is a simple two step method to find true personal inspiratin from Our Creator. 1). Open up a a personal inspired relationship. 2) Abolish idolatry. Each prophet teaches this insight … Continue reading

The Spanish Flu may have been created


Most diseases went away because people began showering, washing hands, stopped drinking from shared barrels and had access to clean tap (or bootled) water, and because it was easier to wash clothes and linen, clean and disinfect houses. Food became better because of fridgerated containers from farmer to consumer and because of increased hygiene in food production and because of safer storage methods. Let’s not forget indoor … Continue reading

Did we fly to the moon?

Screenshot 2014-07-19 15.15.39

Conspiracy theories are always important and popular. Most people consider them to be funny stories by lunatics. Others feel thay offer an important view of the times. Do we ask ourselves why conspiracy is so interesting? We might learn something about ourselves if we found find the answer to this question. Could it be that we expect most people to lie often or do we expect truth? … Continue reading