To find your voice you must leave normal behind

You live in a world wide culture denying God, even those who claim to believe that he exists rarely believe in him and don’t do real worship.

img-coll-0193Of course there are explanations, rules and many regulations, ideas and even doubts in your own mind;  insecurities and enigmas – about him or her or it.

I was just the same. Until the summer of 2010 when I received the first inspiration.

I had beeng going through hard times and tribulation for almost four years and suspected there would be more to come; and I was right. Now the hard times have lasted seven years and the first four were a walk in the park.

The first inspiration was simple, and it came following a prayer, “you are my prophet, you are to tell people what you know”.  I resisted, because I thought I was mad, and probably I am.

But I persisted in prayer, for I wanted to understand the reasons for my hardship. I wanted also to know the reason for my destiny, how it had spiralled from my youth through different times and different learnings accumulating ever new insights and understandings, I was tired.

As I persisted in the same prayer, “tell me the reason”. The answer echoing in the back of the stillness of my mind was always the same. But I did not heed it, I did not listen. For I was certain that I had simply gone mad.

There are seven thousand million persons alive today, and to every single one there is an image inside for the perception of God. And through history there have been great revelations and sometimes unexplained happenings – which we call miracles – to accompany the revelations.

Through history there have been religious institutions doing great things, some positive and other negative, and great scholars and mystics: In comparison to all these things, what I know and what I percieve, much less my person, is nothing; merely a speck of dust.

I felt I had nothing to share. Sometimes I have moments where I know what I have to share but there are many where I ask myself what the message is and I come up short. But I’m a messenger – nothing originates from me, it is all revealed.

My only reassurance is that the greatest of prophets have said the same. One of the all time greatest, Jesus son of Mary; “The father is in me, and I am in the father, I reveal nothing unless it originates in him”.

That summer of 2010 I created a Video book. I put it on Youtube and a year later removed it. I like it, but it is a child of its time. Between seven and eight hours of a talk, about me and what I know, but that was not a response to the first inspiration.

It was just a book I wanted to create in order to get something out of my head. I got something out of my head and meant to move on. But from time to time I had smaller inspirations which all reminded me of the answer I was shunning. I wasn’t telling people what I knew.

Until I recorded “God’s Will” under duress in three days flat. I something came awake inside. I knew there was something there. But I was still in the grips of the “idea about God” and the “vague emotions and weaker impressions of the mystical deity”.

Though I’d been fascinated by “the god idea” and “the possible relationship” for all my life, and though I’d amassed lots of varied bits of knowledge, I was just the same kind of person as everyone else; stuk in an egotistical concept.

For months I re-listened to the recordings from God’s Will – and every time, from verse to verse, realized new understandings. Every time I realized that this wasn’t from me. Every time I tried to find something which could justify deleting the book, but I found nothing.

I realized that I would cease to be a normal person. Because we all know – and I know this well myself – that a person claiming to be a prophet is mad in the eyes of normal people and almost everyone else: And I wanted to be a normal person making a normal work, and forming a normal family and live a normal life.

Then there came a time when God used another person to make me see my egotistical and narrow minded attitude. I realized I would have to let go and I would have to put this forth. But I took my time.

Now there are more than four years since the first inspiration and more than two years since the recording. And the path has been extraordinary.

I have been given insights upon insights into various things – much to many to list – and some of them I have described on (en) and others on (is). Some are in notes, yet others are still fermenting in my mind. The revelations and prophecies I’ve been given insight into stagger my own mind.

Even last night – in the quiet hours outside in darkness, walking my dogs – I was given insight regarding the nature of Soul which shook me to the core and frightened me.

Something which I dare not to write about at least for a long time. I never reveal spiritual insight unless I’m sure of it and some which I’ve written about I kept for decades in the secret chambers of my mind.

The essence of all my work which is woven into this post is simple: God has a personality and a very agile, creative and powerful personality at that.

When you decide to embark upon a journey to meet with this personality, you embark on a journey equivalent to exploring a new continent, or even the whole universe. When that journey or path finds a destination it will transform your entire being and lighten up your Soul. It is an awakening of You but also the death of you; Soul and Ego.

In essence, it is not about me being a prophet or about a religion being formed. It is about you finding your inspiration. For I am nothing, yet everything connects in me, as in you, as in God.

And when you feel his – or her – presence embracing your shoulders, and when you percieve your destiny and how it is taken care of, and when you begin to trust in the trusting it, you will see without looking and hear without listening.




When you leave the idea of God, whether yours or other peoples, and proceed to find God, you will eventually find God. But that will entail a whole new perception, exclusively your own.

Even small stones will become alive to you. Jesus referred to this on two recorded occasions. “Seek and you shall find” and “if I would shut up, these stones would sing.”

Beware; the Jesus I refer to is the prophet, not the idol.






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