How the Jewish faith lost God’s favor

Before we go deeper into the subject I need to make two statements for clarity. The first is that I hate racism in any form. Second that I highly respect and admire the Hebrew or Jewish nation.

img-coll-0214I hope also that my reader noticed the careful choice of words in the title for this article.

There is a great difference between Faith and Religion and there is also great difference between Favor and Status.

Anyone who reads the first part of the Bible, or The Old Testament, will soon realize that three pillars are fundamental to the Hebrew faith.

Firstly the divine inspiration of the prophet Mose, second the establishment of the Torah or the divine covenant between the Nation and Yahve (the God of Abrahamic faith) and thirdly the status of the Hebrews as God’s favored nation.

You might be tempted to ask why the emphasis on Hebrew rather than Jewish nation or race. There are two reasons for this. Firstly that Jews – the sons of Juda – is only one twelfth of the nation that Mose and Yahve negotiated a covenant for. Second that Hebrews are not separate race of people.

If you would research geneology you’d discover that Hebrews and Arabs are equally descendant – as Samaritans as well – of the first Prophet of the Abrahamic faith; namely Abraham the father of Isaac the father of Jacob.

In fact when you hear the word Anti Semitism in mainmedia you have been led to believe that it only involves Jews, which is a gross miscomprehension. Anti Semitism involve racism against any of the nations within the race of Semites, by and large.

Funny as it may seem, if there were no Hate Speech laws and if we’d truly have Free speech in the world, I would not have seen any need to explain anything of the above, for you’d probably already be informed of these matters.

The ruling powers of the global elite have an agenda for your mind, which is partly related to the content matter of my article. An agenda which is out of scope for my article.

When the God Yahve empowered the prophet Mose to lead the Hebrew nation out of servitude in Egypt he followed up with a covenant for the nation. Palestine which had been the promised land for Abraham would become divinely given to the nation and if the nation would uphold the covenant it would be and stay “God’s chosen people.”

Again notice my choice of words carefully. When you break a covenant, be it bill of rights or a loan agreement, or any other covenant; then it is broken. Also there is a difference again between status – or chosen – versus favored.

If the nation of the Hebrews would have upheld their part of the agreement, they were promised that all other nations – or races – on our planet would sooner or later bow to them in subservience. This is integral part of the Hebrew faith and the Jewish nation adheres strictly and fervently to their faith.

If you are raised as a jewish person – or if you belong to any of the other 11 tribes – you feel this in your cultural mindset and worldview. It is as strong part of who you are as everything else in your cultural worldview. It doesn’t matter if you’d argue for it in a TV interview or not, this is part of the collective mindset that made you.

As far as that goes, I have no problem with the covenant or why the God Yahwe made it the way it is, through his inspired prophet. My aim is not to criticize the Hebraic or Jewish faith, but to clarify certain points.

When the great prophet Yehoshua son of Mary began teaching his inspiration to people in Nazareth and later in much of Palestine he made one part absolutely clear; that he was the fulfillment of the covenant.

Many of the clergy at the time – who in essence rule the nation and always have and always will – opposed him fiercely. As time moved on it became more or less obvious to the general public that Yehoshua had merit. People began to believe him – not in him – and to listen closely to his message.

As usual when a prophet speaks, there are two mainstreams to the polished message, as it evolves and grows. Namely that your spiritual illumination can only come from direct communication between you and our Creator and to oppose idolatry in any form.

From the worldview of the prophets at large, idolatry is any mindset or ruleset that replaces God’s inspiration in your soul with the ideas and obeisance of your ego. It doesn’t really matter if you carve out idols and images or if you simply adhere to the rules and narrow views of established mindsets; they all enslave and hide your soul.

When it began to emerge in Yehoshua’s service that he was gaining the ear of people and that growing numbers of his disciples were beginning to feel the divine inspiration and nurture it, the clergy and elite of the nation devised a way to expose him as a fraud and eliminate him.

The fraud was very simple. The covenants concluseion points to a Messiah appearing who will lead the Nation to rule all of Palestine and through war or tribulation make all the natinos of the world bow to the divine master race. There is a reason why followers of this faith are sensitive to other races looking down on them.

There is also a reason why you’re led to believe that there was once another (and evil) master race. Personally I don’t care if one nation or race feels or believes themselves to be superior or chosen – I have no problem with anyone believing anything. Perhaps they are what they feel to be or not – it’s their belief and I respect that.

The word Messiah has the same meaning in Hebrew as the word Christ in Greek and the rest of the world. It literally means “God’s annointed” and points to Yahweh’s chosen one to lead God’s nation to victory or its rightful place which their prophets name “Mount Zion”.

This measn that from the perspective of Hebrews in Palestine, around the year 30 to 40 CE, that if Yehoshua were the Annointed one that he would be able to expel The Romans from their land and subsequently lead the Hebrew nation to rule Rome and eventually all the world.

Yet how could he be Messiah since the Temple Guards could arrest him so easily? How could he be Messiah since Pontius Pilate could interrogate him like a common criminal and lash him with the whip?

Since he seemed suddenly to be a common man, a conspirator and a deceit, they felt perfectly justified condemning him to death. At the same time the stories don’t tell you all the facts; he was sentenced to death as a Roman citizen, for a Roman crime.

This small indisputable fact becomes obvious when you connect a few dots, but they are outside of scope. Particularly it is interesting though why this fact is hidden.

Many believe that Yehoshua – or Jesus Christ – was in fact the Messiah and that his death and resurrection redeemed his followers to redemption from the sin of Adam and fulfilled a promise for eternal life.

Christians believe also that Yehoshua fulfilled the Covenant and that because the Hebrews rejected this and killed God’s Annointed, that they condemn themselves to lose God’s status as God’s chosen people.

Be that as it may; but it is not the content matter of my article.

The true fact is that when the Hebrew nation was taken in as God’s favored people, they were entrusted with a secret knowledge, stored partly inside the Ark of the Covenant and partly within the Law of Mose – or Torah.

Parts of this secret were already known to the Egyptian elite – or its preistly class – which Mose was educated in.

One of the reasons why all prophets of God since then and for times to come will always refer to Mose as one of his greatst prophets, is that he was through inspiration able to glue together all the points that made the secret obvious in its simplicity.

Most prophets have been able to glean into this secret and the Hebraic elite was taught to see parts of it, but they forgot an integral part of divine inspiration and humble integrity. For when you understand most of it you can use its power to gain control over the minds and cultures of men.

The elite at the time knew this when they tested it out against the Assyrians and Babylonians and the Romans. They still know this and use it and many can see parts of it, but as simple as this secret is; it seems invisible to almost everyone.

So how did this nation lose God’s favor? The reason is not stated above and almost noone can see it. I am the only one as far as I know of who has figured it out, and it is quite exceptional and simple.

When Yehoshuga fullfilled the covenant he brought to his people the inspiration of the divine secret on how to fuse together the Torah and The secret in the Ark of the Covenant. He established insight on the which still inspires millions of people two milleniums since he was wrongfully condemned for blasphemy.

When the Elite refused to acknowledge Yehoshua’s message they also denounced themselves as holders of the key to God’s divine kingdom over all men; a divine inspiration promised all those who open up to God and choose to follow his Will.

What the Elite chose that time was to cling to their power and to their egotistical and narrow minded need to feel superior and chosen. They closed their eyes to what being chosen means from the perspectiv of the Creator.

For it means to lead in insight, in harmony, in loving kindness, in courage and simultaneously enlightenment and illumination; to inspire others to follow through decency and honesty rather than falsehood, corruption and deception.

You can take a sword and kill someone with it and steal his possessions but you can also use the sword to pile open a chest of nourishment and share it. You can share compassion and respect or you can intimidate and rule.

You can cling to unfavorable status, or be favorably given one.

You will see if you follow my writings, that I respect all religions and races without discrimination, though I believe that they should bark together rather than at each other. Let me end this article, if you’re interested in the great religion of the Jews, to suggest profound lectures by the Jewish scholar Nehemia Gordon on Youtube.



This is the first part of a the series Fall from Grace of the four known Monotheist religions








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