The Christians wage war on other faiths

The original message of Yehoshua son of Mary was to promote the same freedom and Inspiration as all true prophets before him and all true prophets after him.

img-coll-0196His core message, as with that of the others, is a simple two step method to find true personal inspiratin from Our Creator.

1). Open up a a personal inspired relationship. 2) Abolish idolatry.

Each prophet teaches this insight in his personal and unique way in accordance with the inspiration given. Some of the prophets don’t explain much about the Devil which sometimes is called Satan and sometimes Lucifer.

For example you will not find much about him in the Qur’an or in God’s Will, but quite some in The New Testament and The Old Testament of The Bible. Yet you do not need so much new knowledge as all the scriptures combined have collateral effect.

Two basic viewpoints will be of main value as much of what you need to learn will be gained from experience anyway. Learning is growing and growing is fun. Don’t be too stuck in the system of the mind when everything you need on the journey will be provided if you are a true seeker.

1) The material world is possessed by this powerful demsons and all the ideologies therein. 2) He’s out to severe the direct personal relationship that your soul is originated to have and be inspired by.

Yehoshua’s message was very powerful and inspiring and in three centuries his disciples were multiplying fast. That’s where the Emperor Constantin was inspired by his demonic father to transform his Idolatry – Mithraism – into pseudo Christianity and proceed to build the mass hypnotism you know as Christianity, which has nothing to do with true Monotheism.

Mithraism is a faith of idolatrous warriors and empiricists. It’s nature is to follow the dictation of Hebrewism (Judaism) and wage war on any religion or faith that stand in its way. That’s what’s behind the war on Islam the media has waged for decades.

I will in another post explain to you how Islam began as a true Monotheist faith and later lost its way and became idolatry as well, which resulted in the need for the new Message; God’s Will.

Notice how mass media persistently tries to convince you to believe that Islam is a religion of war – when the truth is that Christian nations and nations of Representative Democracy are the ones that start eight out of every ten wars, and hitherto both world wars.

Then reflect on the Charlie Hebdo massacre; immediately Muslims everywhere in France and in many areas in the world are brutally attacked. Even pregnant women have been assaulted by the indignatious christians and atheists of the Industrial empire.

Do you honestly believe that there is no conspiracy here?

Observe what has already been uncovered by Conspiracy Theorists regarding the discipline of the shooters and the coordination of movements, coincidences, and the unlikelyhoods. Also notice that for about two years Hebdo has been fueled to keep themselves going, like if to set them up.

Also notice one thing about how terrorists have been created by mass media for decades: No true fighter of faith would fight masked and then hide.

Before you make conclusions hastily; I am not a conspiracy theorist. To me all media and all messages within the world of the devil are equally hilarious and illusory. I do not belong to any system of thought or religion. I am trying to inspire you to leave the hypnotizing and enslaving mindsets, for the freedom and health of your Soul.







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