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The School of Mary — or — Yeshiva of Miriam


Yeshiva is a concept of dedicated study in both written and oral tradition of spiritual science. Yeshua son of Nun (or Yehoshua son of Nun) in a sense means “Initiate of the school of Nun”. Yeshiva is best known as a Judaic tradition but the concept can apply to any scholarly discipline or Lay research, particularly in spiritual and metaphysical science. It is interesting to note that … Continue reading

Yehoshua son of Miriam – Jesus Christ – was a Roman Citizen


Neither the Sanhedrin nor King Herod, but only Pontius Pilate, could pass judgment over Yehoshua son of Miriam and Joseph. He had inherited Roman citizenship from his father, which was one of the reasons that they could travel freely within the Roman empire (on Roman roads). Notice that Yehoshua was sentenced for “claiming kingship” and not for blasphemy. If he had been a citizen of Judea or … Continue reading

Jehovah’s Witnesses were right regarding 1975


Everyone has heard something about the infamous Christian religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though many don’t know that they’re Christian but they are and they take it both seriously and literally. I belonged to that sectarian religion for a while and there is a reason why I don’t write much about it. I have never made it a secret. In fact you will find a mention of that … Continue reading

How the Jewish faith lost God’s favor


Before we go deeper into the subject I need to make two statements for clarity. The first is that I hate racism in any form. Second that I highly respect and admire the Hebrew or Jewish nation. I hope also that my reader noticed the careful choice of words in the title for this article. There is a great difference between Faith and Religion and there is also great … Continue reading

The new time is now


As already stated in “God’s Will” verse 26, the end of the world has already passed. The end of the world began with the first engines of the industrial revolution and ended with the manned landing on the moon. Other signs occured at that time. For a decade and a half two powerful nations, representing less than a tenth of the world population – or human capability … Continue reading