Reflecting on Rudolf Steiner

This post is a note or memo, as I’m still researching Rudolf Steiner. Though while I’m on the task I wish to share a Youtube playlist of six talks with reflections on a series of lectures by Steiner in the early 20th century.

I’m a bit awed, for some perceptions and insights I have been given in the early 21st century he seems to have been given as well and elaborated on; subjects and details I have not found anywhere else than in my own worldview.



I promise to reflect on this subject when I’ve finished my research. In the meantime keep in mind that there is no authority for your mind except for the inspiration your soul lets in, passing your ego. Also remember that I follow the teachings of no man.

That I find people gone by – and silenced by the mainstream dialogue – enforcing or supporting the worldview I’m building and teaching; doesn’t mean that they’re allowed to contribute or to be followed.




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