The Shadow of the Charlie Hebdo deception

There are many controversies regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre which I won’t get into in this article. I’ve explained my suspicions in two earlier articles on this site already.

img-coll-0274I also have detailed my suspicions on my Icelandic site ( and perhaps will copy and translate that piece onto this one for consistency, as it cuts to the chase.

That being said, I am convinced that the so called massacre is a deception. I’m not saying that noone got killed, but I’m absolutely certain that those blamed for the attacks are not the real culprits and there’s no doubt in my mind that this was a well organized plot; a conspiracy if you like.

As it goes with all deceptions, they only work if you don’t see the aim. That’s one of the reasons why I rarely reflect on conspiracy theories, for almost all conspiracy theorists follow the second scape goat.

It would be all to easy to reflect on the Hebdo deception in regard to a renewed war on terror or to justify further actions by NATO in the Middle East or as a pseudo aim, to justify hard policty regarding Russia and Ukraine. But that’s the second goat.

If you follow the mainsteam you’ll simply see a copule of Jihadists shooting down innocent civilians who expressed freedom of speech. Establishing a furm ground for the main media’s depiction of Islam as a religion of violence and oppression.

Those who are stuck within that framework will be led anywhere the shepherd will lead them.

This is one of the reason that I’m rarely impressed by the second goat of any agenda for that might also be an illusion or elaborate and complicated deception. Basic psychology dictates that a third of every human being will always distrust what he’s being led to believe and tries to root out the deception.

That’s why conspiracy theorist channels and notable voices are secretly financed and either allowed to continue by and large, yet some of them taken out or silenced in order to add credibility to the larger group of them. Also there are many pseudo CTheorists around whipping up more confusion.

When you train yourself to ask what isn’t being told and you apply that first to the main media and then to the CTheorists, you’ll begin to see that there is always a veil behind the deception and another veil behind it. Things and events are never what they seem, never, never, never.

The global village of human communities are all controlled through complicated webs of illusions in order to; not control you but to tap into your positive creative power.

The power of your Soul, which hides in behind the Unconscious, is a very creativ power, capable of not only creating you and your life, but also that entire Universes. In a sense the soul is an embryo for a future God, and everything in the cognitive world, and in the shadow of the unconscious, weaves a deception around you to keep you from realization of that powerful energy.

You can not realize this through reading this article and not through reading even ten of my articles. You won’t realize this through reading an entire library. You can only realize this by shedding the power of your ego and assuming a connection to your soul, consequently to walk in its shadow and reshape the you who you believe yourself to be.

A good place to start would be to listen to God’s Will and further that study by listening to The Process of Positive Willpower, and then further to selfeducate yourself – spiritually, emotionally and intellectually – as deeply as you have the courage to do.

Now back to the deception of Charlie Hebdo, to the real reason behind the horrible event. I will first give you pointers.

Let us not forget that it is easy for the elite to see what you can see and also that they see more than you do. They have centuries of traditions behind them and extensive libraries to study from – and those libraries are not convenient substitutes for your local libraries.

All empires in history have had an elite working in the shadow of the observable officials and those shadows have never had any interest in you discovering who they are, how they think, what they plan to do, or the means by which they can.

This is why I opened my article by suggesting an inner journey and selfeducation, for the primary mean to control you is through your mind and the unconscious. Subliminal suggestion and hypnotic stances are used by powerful institutions, oft goverened by shallow people who, though they sound intelligent and have read many books, have no deep moral or spiritual values regarding you and the core of all things; power.

Most people have no idea what power is, much less do they understand its mindset and no idea how to use it. Well, some people get to know power through activities, work and leisure, but I’m hinting at something deeper.

When you discover your Trueness your life transforms and you begin to meet with the true power of your soul. It is not an easy and painless journey but a deeply satisfying one. As Rudolf Steiner put it once, you cannot grow in deep spirituality without being inflicted by pain from the world of evil.

Already in this article there are three concepts that have more or less been removed from your education in the mainstream society. Soul and soulpower or soulnature is a pseudoscience with the tip of that iceberg allotted to shallow therapists.

Power is something you submit to subliminally and those who question it don’t know what the real questions should be. Thirdly the definition of evil is in the hands of the authorities – whether secular or religious.

Let us not connect more links to the links above;

If you do not recognize that outside power – or governance – has any right to rule you, then how far will you go in obeisance? Also if you actively participate in discussions with your neighbors and they slowly begin to share your views; then you’re only one step away from Quantum Democracy, which gives rise to Direct Democracy from the grassroots and upwards.

The deception is this; a power from above has no control over you if you do not recognize it.

I am convinced that Charlie Hebdo was a a paper run by a group of narrow minded and shallow people who didn’t understand the scope of what they were doing and I deeply suspect that operatives where tasked with inspiring and enforcing them with something like the massacre in mind.

I also realize that this massacre and how the main media (which is globally governed by four to six Zorglubbs) has now all the mass support to tighten security on the rising Sharia Micronations in Europe.

When I assembled the links above, I was partly searching for news items that I’ve noticed from time to time in the past ten years, that in most sharia ghettos most law officers only venture in if they are in groups of four or two cars.

Imagine for a moment, in our current era of Online libraries, Mobile phones, Quick commuting, Easy global travel and access to fantastic technologies that our grandparents could hardly fathom; that knowledge and insight is growing rapibly.

The generation born at the end of times from ’65 to ’75 – an era I’ve explained extensively – is awakening. It is not awakening only to decptions and conspiracies but to deeper awareness (consciously and unconsciously) and it is using the technology to Selfeducate and Communicate.

Quantum Democracy is the concept of “power and comprehension rising within, conecting with other people, and harmonizing towards a healthy community.” This the shadow Elite knows and understands. They can see, and the media isn’t allowed to show, that there are many ripples in the global village towards this realization.

Two years ago a Micronation was founded in Iceland, based on these principles, and it is growing. It isn’t a nationstate with boundaries but a state of awareness that can easily start a flood, once it is understood.

I realize that this article might be aery and seem a bit unfocused. That’s actually on purpose. For the dots I’m connecting here and the twofold depth behind them are comprehensively useless to you if you do not bother to selfeducate, research, reflect and silently grow.

I am writing for that kind of people; who appreciate being the rope threaded on a needle. On that note remember, that once an idea is ripe, it flows unreservedly.


P.S. On a sidenote consider that surveillance authorities only claim to be able to snuff out terrorists that they cannot name, cannot point out and rarely the big ones.




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