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Reflecting on Rudolf Steiner

This post is a note or memo, as I’m still researching Rudolf Steiner. Though while I’m on the task I wish to share a Youtube playlist of six talks with reflections on a series of lectures by Steiner in the early 20th century. I’m a bit awed, for some perceptions and insights I have been given in the early 21st century he seems to have been given … Continue reading

Reflecting on John Trudell


This man was mentioned in God’s Will for a very good reason. For the view of the spiritual perception, his understanding and insight is profound. I discovered him by chance through someone else who loved his poetry and music. I borrowed a named “A.K.A. GRAFITTI MAN” and simply fell in love with the poetry, the music and the spiritual content, so much that I bought myself a copy … Continue reading

Reflecting on Jiddu Krishnamurti


I usually don’t like gurus, for so many of them simply quote what they have learnt from books, rehearsed and practiced until they sound perfect. But K – as he liked to be called – isn’t like them. He does what I do, but far better than I, to connect with infinity and let it speak. Another aspect I like about him, is that he doesn’t care … Continue reading