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The true nature of Idolatry and mobile statues


An Idol is any idea or image within your mind – or in your environment and worldview – which you make valid by your actions and lifestyle. It robs you of the creative powers of your Soul and narrows your inner vision down to a two dimensional constraint; rendering you effectively powerless and void of meaning. This also applies to your image of God, as long as you … Continue reading

Collective Unconscious creates the perceived world


The world is projected and created by our collective unconscious. For the Soul is a creative power. This is the reason that once the world was believed to be flat, it was, and this is why you cannot see beyond your limits. You are for example led to believe that science can perceive outside the scope of our atmosphere, but it doesn’t explain to you that its … Continue reading

Pain follows the path of awakening Soul


We are born in darkness and when we grow strong enough to explore the dark world we hear tales of light. As we begin to chase the false lights of many colors we become illusified and slowly, painfully become aware. We find the twilight where shadows and wraiths slow us down and deceive us and we begin to conjure our own lights of many colors. Until the day … Continue reading

Ignoring your village will kill you


I don’t mind that it is difficult for people to understand that the sun shines. I don’t mind that people find it difficult to connect dots if they have a lot of? ?knowledge? from their educational years but know nothing about generating information. I mind when a teenager of modern times knows more today than Leonardo DaVinci knew, more than Christopher Columbus knew, more than William Shakespeare … Continue reading