The true nature of Idolatry and mobile statues

An Idol is any idea or image within your mind – or in your environment and worldview – which you make valid by your actions and lifestyle. It robs you of the creative powers of your Soul and narrows your inner vision down to a two dimensional constraint; rendering you effectively powerless and void of meaning.

img-coll-0315This also applies to your image of God, as long as you retain an inner image, you’re confined. That’s how your soul’s light begins to fade and whither and this is related to the fact that it’s almost impossible for you to look into your own eyes and glare into their depths.

Your only way through the eye of this needle, is to discard any value – or concept of truth – except for one.

The one that you are nothing. You release your values and begin to walk the narrow and crooked path, using courage as your guide, insight as your staff, and faith as your strength.

That which cannot be defined, cannot have an image. Definition and Image, is the same thing, just like the dark side of the moon is part of the moon.

This essence was explained by my brother, Yehoshua from Nazareth, when he said “leave burying of the dead, to the dead.” For you cannot save the world and you cannot wake it up. You can only walk the crooked path, taking the first step presently.

Every concept and value in this world, when combined into a pattern of thought and explanations has the seed – or poison – which can become an idol. This law is used extensively by the fallen angels to inspire people towards idolatry and confinement. Not because they are evil; but because they have fun doing it.

The fun comes from the fact that they are not allowed to lie to you. They can only deceive you – or illusify – the same way an illusionist puts a scarf into his hat and out flies a dove. Everything you need, in order to dehypnotize and reconnect  your Soul, is in front of you, at every moment.

I’ll make one clear example, using one of the most quoted statement from my brother, the greatest prophet God has ever inspired.

When he said “I am the Path, the Truth, and the Life”, he meant something right in front of you, but the priests of dogmas and preachers, of deceptions and rules ,abused it. For the word Yehoshua used means “The Soul”.

Mose – the second prophet who has had the label “God’s close friend” – was given similar insight when the voice in the burning bush said “I am who I am.”

I have explained in many of my writings that you can open yourself to Illumination in one single instant. It requires one small step within you, like flipping a switch. Once you do, you’re good to go, and the eye of the needle reveals itself in due time.

Notice the approach, for illumination of the Soul is not the same as Enlightenment of the mind-ego or spiritual-ego. Also notice that all teachers of enlightenment fool you into believing that enlightenment takes years. And they’re right, of course.

The apostle John, one of Yehoshua’s closest friends, explained in a vision what happens to those who kick open the door or flip the switch. An angel places a mark on them, which opens the third eye.

Take heed; you cannot open it by yourself, no man can help you to do that, and once it is opened you won’t reveal it’s meaning. You will also begin to see clear as sunlight, that everything in human perception is rooted in belief.

This secret is hidden from the Petrified minds of the Mobile statues, chiseled by the masters of demonic masonry: Behold they hypnotized masses.





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