Prophecy of the Nuclear Holocaust

These two talks are about a prophecy which came to me in june 2015. It is a very serious and alarming prophecy, which hopefully is a false one, but many points are joined presently in our current geopolitics and propaganda.


Prophecy of the Real Holocaust



Explaining the Prophecy of the Real Holocaust


Earlier this year I wrote an article about a possible Nuclear false flag operation. A discussion we should be open minded about. Particularly in view of the prophecy presented here.

The article’s title is “Sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games.

It is a very serious matter to fool the world into genocidal mysticism. A game which can easily bite your behind. It is also a serious matter to repeatedly create world wars, and immoral invasions, based on lies and deceptions.

Such dark substance will catch up with whoever makes it and supports it. And it will hurt the one who chooses blissful ignorance.

 Supplemental – 2018-09-11 – The videos in this article can still be found in my Archive on Bitchute, the 2015 files.






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