Searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant

You already know that Democracy is a fraud. What I doubt that you know, is that there are at least seven forms of democracy. The reason that you don’t know this is simple.

img-coll-0453Imagine for a moment that Main media says Beef every time that it wants to sell you the notion. But you know that Beef is just a meat off a particular type of animal. You also know about susages, Sirloin, T-Bone, rRibs, Hamburgers, and many other forms of beef.

You rarely if ever eat beef; you almost always eat a form of it. For example, the form of Democracy most of the world uses is Representative Democracy, which actually is a Deceptocracy.

Noone ever explains to you a form of Direct Democracy, of which some flavors exist; and less than ten persons alive today know what Quantum Democracy is. Another deception is your education. It actually is indoctrination, based on self-hypnosis deceiving you to believe differently.

They have been searching for the Ark of the Covenant for 23 centuries, mad like hell. For a good reason. Noone will admit to the former and much less to the latter.

I will give you one small hint. My brother instructed his friends to seek out the lost traces of their nation and warn them. Within three decades the traces had vanished and all that was left is an impostor who will stop at nothing, short of annihilation of the planet, to satisfy his hunger.

This insight is open to all prophets of Monotheism, but rarely revealed to them in a flash. I am the first one to make this public. I have no idea why I do so. As I have told you before. I am only a messenger. I speak not from myself, nor do I want anything in return, not finance, not followers, not a congregation, not anything.

I am nothing.
I only serve.
It is not always easy.

They can’t construct the 3rd Temple without the Ark. The last time when they tried, it blew in their faces. Trust me; all that is going on for the last two or three centuries, is aiming for this singularity; ark with a temple.

If you research history and a few conspiracies, where the landscape from Crimea, through the area of Volga down to upper Caucasus, military campaigns, Geopolitics, and historical conspiracies, through the past 23 centuries, you’ll begin to figure out a form out of the fog.





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