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Two small testimonies from the mind of a small man


Back in 2015, I in a capacity as a Prophet of God declared Vaccines and Organ transplants, included in God’s commandment in both The Bible and The Qur’an; Abstain from Blood. At that time I had no idea what was about to unfold in the world; That the global state of demonic powers were planning to mass inject the global population not only with Vaccines but with … Continue reading

Defining the Death of Star Trek


In 1991 when Gene Roddenberry died, who was perhaps the greatest of Humanist Visionaries, the Star Trek Franchise made a great two episode show, proposing a beginning of a new story-line; How to bring the Vulcans and Romulans together again, which from cultural, scientific, and story-telling perspective could have created a fantastic saga. I’d love to dwell on it, as Humans, Romulans and Vulcans, each demonstrate a … Continue reading

Iceland inspired by the temple of disgrace


Cassie has been brutally oppressed and persecuted by the power-elite of Iceland since she moved here from the USA to live with her Icelandic husband. Her children have been kidnapped from her by force without any legal authorization or viable explanation and her case been marginalized in the mainstream media. Her friend Sunna, who is half Icelandic and half American, has also been persecuted and victimized by … Continue reading

Searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant


You already know that Democracy is a fraud. What I doubt that you know, is that there are at least seven forms of democracy. The reason that you don’t know this is simple. Imagine for a moment that Main media says Beef every time that it wants to sell you the notion. But you know that Beef is just a meat off a particular type of animal. … Continue reading

Prophecy of the Nuclear Holocaust


These two talks are about a prophecy which came to me in june 2015. It is a very serious and alarming prophecy, which hopefully is a false one, but many points are joined presently in our current geopolitics and propaganda.   Prophecy of the Real Holocaust httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0gGluGsxEQ     Explaining the Prophecy of the Real Holocaust httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7eDvBHEaNo   Earlier this year I wrote an article about a possible Nuclear false … Continue reading

Satan created anti-semitism to deceive and hypnotise


Anti-semitism doesn’t exist and never has. Its concept and illusion is created exclusively by a mystical shadow entity to deceive you from connecting the hidden points of knowledge and understanding, to hinder you and confuse you. This is easy to prove but two points suffice; 1) Without the main media keeping anti-semitism afloat, noone would think of it. Out of sight, out of mind. 2) Arabs and Hebrews … Continue reading

Seven stages of monetary doom


In spite of all the education available, why don’t economists, financial specialists, accountants, journalists, politicians, academics, understand the “seven stages of monetary doom?” The easy answer is simple one. In a culture who doesn’t admit to guilt and failure, in times when people brush up their appearances and kiss ass and don’t know how to stand by their opinions, turning them into values, where people prefer owning … Continue reading

The Anglo Saxon conspiracy will soon be evident


We who are subjects in western democracies have been made to believe that there is a UK-USA partnership when there isn’t one. Yet it might appear to be and for a very good reason. It is usually referred to as Anglo-American partnership. The Anglo-Saxon conspiracy is the suggestion that there exists a powerful elite in the United Kingdom and elsewhere working towards the demise of the American empire … Continue reading

The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games


There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs. If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because … Continue reading

The leader of the fallen angels imprisoned


I had this vision around april 2014, of the leader of the fallen angels imprisoned and being very sour about it – sitting on a throne in a dark dimly lit cave deep below a surface. … and confusion in the world follows. Something tells me that it happened between the inspiration of God’s Will and the final written explanations of “The Seven Angels” and “The Seven … Continue reading

Revealing the legacy of reptilians


Staying authentic isn’t easy in a world of shrouds. Yet I will tell you one bit of information not many have discovered. The gift of memory has nothing to do with your brain, nothing to do with your physical body at all. A radio receiver might believe that it knows what it receives on the channels but it doesn’t know it. Just like your mind receives insight … Continue reading

Islam and Christianity are troubled brothers


There is a prophecy that explains that the grand religions of Christianity and Islam will be slain by divine creed through the refusals of people adhering to their rule. These two grand religions are described as prophets, or servants, of God and that they have great power on earth while they rule. This is from the book of Revelations of the Holy Bible, chapter 11. It is … Continue reading

When love came to town the town was empty


Almost four thousand years ago two men who never met had a phenomenal idea. Noone had ever thought of this and it took more than two thousand years for the idea to spread. It is amazingly simple, yet for many so hard, and still transformational and moving once it takes hold. The two prophets were Zoroaster and Abraham. Both came from relatively the same area and in … Continue reading

The new time is now


As already stated in “God’s Will” verse 26, the end of the world has already passed. The end of the world began with the first engines of the industrial revolution and ended with the manned landing on the moon. Other signs occured at that time. For a decade and a half two powerful nations, representing less than a tenth of the world population – or human capability … Continue reading

Preface to God’s Will


This is the new message from God to mankind. It was revealed to the prophet in May 2012. It was in the summer of 2010 that Guy Ellis asked God in prayer “what do you want from me? Why have you directed me from tribulation to tribulation for almost forty years? Why have you directed me from teaching to teaching? Why have you helped me to learn … Continue reading