Iceland inspired by the temple of disgrace

Cassie has been brutally oppressed and persecuted by the power-elite of Iceland since she moved here from the USA to live with her Icelandic husband.

img-coll-0481Her children have been kidnapped from her by force without any legal authorization or viable explanation and her case been marginalized in the mainstream media.

Her friend Sunna, who is half Icelandic and half American, has also been persecuted and victimized by the same kabal for the last two or three years.

Sunna has even been dragged through the court system for fabricated reasons and demonized by the mainstream press.

Both of these strong and intelligent ladies have been actively engaged in exposing the methods in which their children and they themselves as defenseless mothers have been treated outrageously by the authorities.

I am at a loss for words for my dismay and shame I feel on for the diabolical elite of my country which shrouds itself in altruistic wormridden shrines of selfsanctimonious Satanism* and exquisite phrases void of substance.

Worse, I feel even more ashamed on behalf of the Icelandic women and men who needed two frail foreign women to rise on their behalf and fight for Civil Rights in this Ghoulish nationstate we’ve become.

Notice how the international Kabal has deceived you into a fight for Human rights, and if you do are consenting that you had none to begin with.

All this laid aside, as there is no excuse for a nation blabbering to the left and right on social media about the reality of a corrupt and disgraceful nationstate, yet noone speaks up in a such a way which makes sense and noone takes any substantial measure, not for themselves and not on behalf of mothers and their victimized children.

Let me tell you of a third mother. Respectable woman of integrity and spiritual wholeness who I have proudly called my friend for three decades. She herself half Icelandic and half American who managed to raise her children in the psychopathic pretentious culture we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

She has told me many stories of how she was often persecuted by the so called Child Protective Services, and the authorities while struggling to raising her children successfully.

She told me recently in this context about five different women who are not born in Icelanc but have been brutally oppressed and persecuted since 2010 and seen their children ripped from their bosoms, all denied voice and worse; totally inadequate legal care.

She furthermore has told me a story about a friend of hers. A person who moved to Iceland to flee inhumane circumstances elsewhere, which has seen her daughter ripped from her, herself marginalized to the point that she literally had to live on the streets for a while, and when she sought help was taken by a group of five men – one of them a police sergeant – to a hut and gang raped by all of them.

Furthermore they mocked her by “you should only try to charge us, you negroe slut.”

I could go on about the cultural state of the once proud sons and daughters of Icelandic Vikings. The same ones who wrote the sagas of European and Scandinavian kings in the dark ages of Europe. The same people who proudly sailed the Atlantic in small and open ships to discover and settle new lands. The same people who traded with Constantinople and explored Russian steppes.

Icelandic were the people who prided themselves in stories beyond beauty and composed poetry which left you mesmerized by its eloquence and depth. These settlers from five nationalities who created the first nationstate based on direct democracy where every soul in the country had a voice, and simultaneously carved out a new nation through respectful discourse.

We were the first and only nation in history to vote one religion in and another one out, by national referendum and peaceful debate within the whole country.

Icelanders are not anymore. They have been soulless Ghouls who have forgotten whence they came, blind to who and what they are, oblivious to any direction towards a future beyond the next news headline and spin.

I am utterly ashamed. If Titanic were sinking today, guess who’d be first into the boats? There is no excuse for us. Except for one small flickering light of hope. The legacy of the ancient vikings is kept alive still but out of sight by a select few who are inspired by the olde spirit of our land.

Not the least; God sent two fierce foreign women to remind us. I praise the age of a new kind of Vikings.

Finally I present to you my theory on why the Child Protective Services, all over the world, steals children on behalf of the Masons, the secret club of demonic rituals infesting themselves in all power structures where they can.


Who abused the child


Let us pray that The Great transformation of the human spirit is not a false prophecy. Let’s aid it and rise. Let’s be worthy, again.


* Notice that the word Satanism does not mean Demonism in pure Monotheist faith, but the mind- and powersystems of Satan governing human affairs and the public consenting to his deceptions of authority.





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