Threading an eye of the needle with a rope

Long time ago there was a prophet who said that it would be easier for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens than for a Camel to go through the eye of the needle.

img-coll-0248Ever since people have taken his words out of context in our world of fear and hate. Take for example one of his most ferocious pupils Paul, when he wrote to his friend Timothy, that “money is the root of all evil.”

The latter is also taken out of context and wildly.

Yehoshua’s words for the first part were never meaning a Camel for it would be absurd for a camel to even try to go through an eye of the needle. The Arameic word he used was a Rope. As ropes where often made from camelhair in those days and the words are related, I’m told.

Now we’re inching closer to the context but we’re still far away in the world of illusions, the palace of seven million mirrors.

Everyone at some stage in their youth has helped their granny to thread a needle. It is of course hopeless to thread a rope on a needle. Everyone can see that and suddenly we can see that a rich man can harldy take his riches with him into a state of enlightenment, much less into the realm of illumination.

This Paul was attempting to explain to his friend when he said “the love of money is the root” for money has nothing to do with the context but your heart, soul and mind has everything to do with it, and money nothing.

For when you love the world of Ego, with all its definitions and quantifiable possessions (wether physical or metaphysical) it will drag down your Soul and become the rope which cannot be threaded on a needle and the love which you should give to your soul is given to those measurables, and their fear will drag you down.

For the mind of the ego is simply a tool awailable to your soul to navigate through the realm of fear and hate; the physical illusion. When you allow it to love the tangibility of that world, it falls automatically in love with the fears associated with all things sprouting from that tree.

For every thought and emotion is a branch of a large tree of thoughts, where every small notion of a thought is a leaf on each branch. The tree is large and majestic, sometimes it looks healthy and sometimes whithered, but it always has a root from the soil of the egotistical world.

The Kingdom of the Heavens is also a greatly misunderstood concept in the world of hate and fear.

It has nothing to do with a state of governance over a body of people, and much less a heavenly abode divided from a hell. The Creator God is an entitiy of love, that’s where it begins and ends and love doesn’t govern. It rules through giving and it doesn’t condemn or torture.

Consequently my brother meant not a governing Nationstate of fellow believers or a cloudy esoteric heavenly plane, but a large body of illuminated humans, forming a large crowd of people ruled by their own inner sate of conscious love.

They might use money in the realm they’re in, but they would see the true value of money and value it nothing.

Their Soul and the eternal spiral it lives in, would on the other hand have a meaning and love would be its vehicle through the spiral; and love doesn’t need money, it needs something else. And since we’re on the subject, love has nothing to do with superficial positivity.

Money is not a valuable in itself, never has been and never will be; though seen from the tree of hate and fear it has become a whirlwind of confusion and slavery of mind and heart; overshadowing soul. For money is a medium of interchange, nothing more and nothing less.

The mere idea of possessing more of it than you need, or hording it together as a means in itself and storing it in a vault, is seen from the natural process as a ridicilous idea, as so many of the ideas of the ego are.

What can you expect from a plant living in a pot? It loses touch and meaning. Now do you see the context? You ask the maker of the needle, how you can thread it with a rope.






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