To conform and shut up, or not

I am like everyone else. Therefore I have nothing to say. I have nothing to add to that. Of course I can, like everyone else, talk about it all day long. We all like to fart with our mouths, and it’s fun.

We are the only animal on this planet who can formulate unlimited thought-cocktails with sounds. Pay attention: I didn’t say that we are the only mammal with a capacity for language!

I am choosing my words carefully here. I do so when I’m lucid. It’s an artform to mouthfart beautifully. It’s usually called “blabber”.

It’s not unlike when you were born. You didn’t ask for it and certainly not for those responsible. You came screaming into the world. Since then you’ve been conditioned – by society, family and schooling – to shut up, or to use your words wisely.

You have only one true path for rebellion: Speak out, and don’t shut up!

I was between three or four years old when I discovered that truth. Thus I quickly assumed the skill of composing thoughts into words, and I practice daily. Sometimes I’m the conditioned self and try to go unnoticed. As each year passes by I’m reaching closer to who I was in my first hours of life. I strongly believe that we should go out kicking and screaming, and being pushed, the same way we came in.

Two and a half months ago I felt, and realized, that I need a career move. That’s not a career change! Perhaps I need a career change. I made an immediate decision to wrap up what I’ve been doing for the past two or three years and plunge myself into delicious change. As I have learnt that if God has made your path bent, you cannot straighten it out.

Somehow I cannot do this in the same way I used to to, when I was younger and wiser. I’ve always sought out Gods will, the way I’ve understood it at the time.

Therefore I can only make a decision and head into harms way. Whatever comes out of it, Thy Will Be Done.

Thus it was obvious to my blabbering soul that before taking the plunge, I would have to clean up my work. Tighten some screws and tie up some loose ends. For just over two months, and there is another one being born as I write, I’ve been working on old projects day and night. Putting them away so to speak. It’s been fun, but it’s been all work and not much fun.

Now I lied for the second time in four years: It’s been all work and a lot of fun. There I really did lie. It isn’t the second lie in four years. I’ve never seen any reason to lie. There isn’t any fun in lying. I don’t do it. Though sometimes I agree with Don Juan DeMarco, ‘the truth can be a terrible habit’.

Two days ago I finished a project. Well. I finished the first of three parts. That part took five weeks of strenuous work. The other two parts will take very little work and be a lot of fun, but those two parts will be a stretch, covering months.

Two days ago I had been on a kind of a marathon to the finish line. As there is another, even larger, waiting to be done and I really wanted to get into that one. Both projects will probably buy me some Diesel for my Jeep.

Immediately the morning after I had planned to kick off the stretch of Part II. But the Universe, or God, disagreed. That day was the day – friday the 13thn – when the Universe decided to make me remember. Yes I was forced to remember that there are people in my life who care for me and like to hear my voice from time to time. From morning to late at night I heard from friends, heard from acquitances, met with some, and yes: had a fun day.

It’s interesting when you finish something, achieve a goal, and since you forget to take a day off, the Universe forces you to. We all know it isn’t healthy to work until you drop. From time to time you have to turn your mind to recreation and tend to social values. If you forget the seventh day, you’ll be lovingly reprimanded. If there is anything I’ve discovered of value in my spiritual search is this: God has a better sense of humour than any of his priests.

Speaking of the seventh day. You don’t want to miss out on The Eighth Day.

As I promised. I’m blabbering. As the day of universal friendship and love drew closer to night, my creative nature drew me back to work. I worked on the Audio part of this site until morning and simply had more fun.


When I woke up this morning I realized a thought which began its journey from subconscious to consciousness only two days ago. Perhaps it wouldn’t have surfaced had I stubbornly clinged to work yesterday.

I realized that today would be a Saturday to spend with my home and those living in it. I’ve spent time with my dogs, had a dear friend for a visit, chatting about out-of-the-box values.

I’ve blabbered on my blog and had a constructive (for me) showdown with negative overpowering bullies. All in all. A lot said about nothing. Properly tied together with words and sentences. Wrapped in images and paragraphs. By me, for you, on a lovely day.





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