Reflecting on Jiddu Krishnamurti

I usually don’t like gurus, for so many of them simply quote what they have learnt from books, rehearsed and practiced until they sound perfect.

But K – as he liked to be called – isn’t like them. He does what I do, but far better than I, to connect with infinity and let it speak. Another aspect I like about him, is that he doesn’t care about his ego, doesn’t want to be *made* by what he teaches.

It doesn’t matter what it is being taught, but the meaning behind it. The source … for you can also connect to that source.

But let’s not talk about him, when his ideas speak for themselves:












Like I said earlier, I never follow gurus of any kind. I like to explore and find out on my own. Sometimes I’m told of someone teaching something but I only look into it if I’m sure that I’ve explored it myself enough to form an opinion or basic insight.

I stumbled upon K two or three years ago because someone asked me about meditation. I explained what I’ve learnt through my own exploration and moved on, but later that night used Google to find out if someone had taught my take on the subject. To my dismay I discover that someone had been teaching my take for years before I discovered my own.

From time to time – perhaps a couple of times a year – I spend an evening or two on K’s videos, to check if what I’m discovering was also discovered by him. I do this with everything; I explore life and than check out if someone verifies what I’ve discovered.

It’s so much more fun, being authentic in your own discovery; most real teachers would tell you the same. Sometimes it is good to get advice simply to aid in the quickening of discovery – and that’s why I write – to be quicker in learning from what you go through. Or just to be verified.

One thing that I cherish about K; is that in the 30’s he denounced his part in the world as a teacher. He refused to lead, as do I. I do not teach or lead. I write about what I’ve learnt or what I believe, but I don’t teach it in person. I explain what people ask me about, but I leave it there.

Happy discoveries …





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