Reflecting on John Trudell

This man was mentioned in God’s Will for a very good reason. For the view of the spiritual perception, his understanding and insight is profound.

I discovered him by chance through someone else who loved his poetry and music. I borrowed a named “A.K.A. GRAFITTI MAN” and simply fell in love with the poetry, the music and the spiritual content, so much that I bought myself a copy and later when “JOHNNY DAMAS & ME” came out I bought that one as well.




To go into the content matter of Trudells’ poetry is beyond scope of this article; let’s just say that his work is worth buying and contemplating. I’m not suggesting to agree with any of it, simply to contemplate and even reflect.


Some notes, taken from one of Trudell’s talks

  • What we *need* or *could* do is to completely change the mindset …
  • We chose the prison of our minds
  • In a sense we return to the wilderness and the forest. We leave the idea of civilization completeley, but take the knowledge withs. Then we will train the habit of thinking instead of logifying and remembering
  • Those who have the privileged class or belong to the ruling class, they know what you know and they understand what I am telling you about power and illusion, and they are disillusioned about much of it but not the cause.
  • They believe that you are sheep, and they believe that they are the shepherd, and they believe that there will be end of world and they believe that they are God’s sword as much as the wand and the manna. They believe this.
    They believe that they are the chosen of God and that you are damned, or that you belong to the unchosen.
  • But media will never tell you this, for a very good reason.
  • It’s about evolution and not revolution. Revolution is simple one powerist seeking power from other powerist. Revolution tears down, evolution goes forward, and transforms. It changes and creates. Don’t fight the force, non-cooperation – disregarding – instead.
  • There is no conspiracy, for the members of the so called conspiracy, believe in what they are doing. They’re not using different systems or ideologies because that they’re out to get you, but they believe in theiri ideas and systems just as much as you do. The difference between you and them is that they have been given positions within the box, like a bureaucrat believes in bureaucrazy just as much as you bow to it.
  • When left and right wrestle with each other, they might seem to hypnotize you or want to control you, but actually, they believe the system they belong to. Notice that someone who appears intelligent because of eloquent words doesn’t mean they are intelligent.
  • Remember that creativity is more intelligent than the status quo





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