A spiral of diverse perceptions

You hear much talk about consciousness, different kinds, expanding or higher or different or shifting and so forth. What you don’t hear so much that it’s all egotistical and none of it soulful.

img-coll-0258For there is only one human consciousness and it’s only a realm within a consciousness where everything that lives has a share. Ego tries to define subjects and label them but soul doesn’t need that.

Consciousness – whether the one you’re aware of or the one you’re unconscious of, or the shadow of Self, or any spectre – is undefined and undefineable; just like you cannot hold a river in your hand.

You either connect to or you don’t and this is done through elimination of the only sin available to you. Through connecting your Ego to your Self (or Soul) which is already connected through what made it; namely consciousness.

Through this reconnection you begin to experience a door, like the great prophet Yehoshua from Nazareth explained when he said “in the house of my father there are many adobes.” Though he was speaking in a different context the suggestion holds.

I have told you often of one of my favorite experiences while dealing with this perception of awareness; when I asked a question of a tree. As you may know, trees and grass are among the oldest land-species of our planetary consciousness, and as they have no mind they cannot have egos.

This makes it easy, once you’re connected, to communicate, conscious aware to conscious aware. A tree therefore speaks for all the trees it can connect to, whether spacially or timelessly.

– I asked the tree “you are older than we, are we created or evolved?”
– The tree echoed back to me through the stillness of our shared soul; “neither, we were inspired”.

The profoundness of this escapes most people when they hear it for the first time, for just trying to communicate with a non-mind specie; is egotistically absurd! Yet some can see it; for we live in a two dimensional mindset, debating only two versions of existence. Forgetting that there might be more sides to the sphere.

Consider for a moment; what species lives almost everywhere on the planet, more or less impossible to eliminate? Secondly ask yourself if it has a soul and if you dare to enter the swivel door of conscious aware; can you communicate with it?

Lastly I want to leave you with a grave question.

One I didn’t want to have an answer to, yet was presented with recently in a very violent manner; do viruses have consciousness? Moreover, if they do, would it be possible for them-it to know of our war on them and have intention of reflection?





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