Remove the value of every concept, but not the meaning

You can take your New Information and shove it. I want to reinvestigate Old Information and then ostracize those who used it to lie to me.

img-coll-0282The word investigate means; find out what was hidden from sight. Then we can talk about something new.

Do not for a minute believe that since 1955 the wars have something to do with landgains or resources. Not one of them has anything to do with that, but everything to do with finance, commerce, industry and deception.

All these wars were media-wars, though some of them had to be conducted physically to maintain the illusion. All the players know this and all the shadow powers behind all sides know this and feed on this; and they are on friendly terms.

That you believe the deception and that you follow the media and the physical events, is a proof of concept. This has also to do with all political factions, all religious factions and economy factions.

The only way for you to see this is to start asking valid questions and once you begin to glean through the mist the only way to deal with your new perceptions on a personal level is to leave all mindsystems. To leave a system is exceptionally simple; you remove the value of every concept from your mind, but keep the concept.

As Faurisson, the accomplished history researcher once said, “I don’t have a methodology, I have a method.”

If you want change, you must practice the leaving – or abandoning – and you begin communicating fiearcely, and if you have the ability you also selfeducate passionately. But this is nothing. For you can only successfully leave the system if your ego – and what your ego holds on to – becomes worthless to you; totally.

I have explained in “God’s Will” and in “The Process of Positive Willpower” how this is done. There are also hidden jewels here on about how to do this.

Saving your skin is futile, just like it’s futile to walk out of a quagmire or quicksand. You can only relax and float and hope. God bless, and see you around the corner.





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