Nuclear physics

Atoms are a peculiar thing. They don’t really exist, yet everything is made from them. Also if you look closely at them, they’re all the same, yet nothing is the same.

It wasn’t a long time ago that a scientist realized the existence of Atoms. He had no idea how to prove it and people mostly agreed that he was a bit mad. Yet many scientists took him seriously and today, Atoms are an established fact.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

He knew that there they were, and he understood how they are made up. Yet he could not have seen them and had no way of proving them. He just knew they were there and made no secret of it. Today they are established truth, and that knowledge drives nuclear reactors:

Nuclear bombs, nuclear submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, electrical power plants today and not the least many hospital instruments, are product of this idea.

Ideas are behind all our advances, all our progress and all that we do. Ideas are not made of stone or cut out of wood. Ideas are circling in your mind every day. Some ideas are rigid and dogmatic, firm and strong, others are creative stars, some more distant than others.

Did you know that a lot of people have great ideas and are afraid of telling others about them? Also that many persons are living in fear of what others, including you, think of them?

The next crazy idea, might be the one transforming the future!




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