Open the curtains for knowing

We are all beings of light. We all know everything there is to know, when we want to. All you need is to draw back the curtain.

The Universe is large, so large that even if you were in a spaceship three seconds away from the edge, travelling at the speed of light towards it, you wouldn’t get out. The Universe expands faster than the speed of light.

Unbelievable? Perhaps it is, for the size is infinite compared to us and the speed of light is the fastest speed we know of, yet when compared to the speed of creation, particularly from outside the universe, light moves very slowly.

The Universe began in a Big Bang, according to science; the second best method we know to explore life and everything.

Hordes of scientists have spent their entire professional life researching this. They claim the first two or three seconds are a mystery. The one thing they do know is this: In the first three minutes of Big Bang, all matter – all existing atoms – was formed out of light.

At this time, the time was just beginning for us who are created from these atoms. The heat was higher than 6.000 million degrees Celsius. That’s the minimum heat required for light to form matter by light-collision.

All your knowledge, all your understanding, your whole being: Is made of connections between atoms. All atoms have existed since the beginning, and yet: You believe that your mind, your spiritual abilities, is something spectacular and not of this world? Think again.

The whole universe and everything in it, is created by lightsource: Light-collision. The nucleus of every atom is built from Quarks (The Quantum theory has been established as a fact) and they in turn are made out of – you guessed it – light.

Every atom in the universe is made out of three basic elements. Electron, Protons and Neutrons. There are known roughly one hundred and four elements, made up of atoms, yet all the atoms are made from these basic elements: The difference being the number of Electrons, Protons or Neutrons.

Unbelievable? Probably there is something more interesting on TV right now? That’s how nineteesix percent of our modern enlightened humans feel.

You are a being made out of light. And your mind is a product of this universe: As a way for matter and energy to look at itself. And you think your taste in colour has a bearing and that your ego matters? Think again.

You are part of a large universe, and everything of substance in it is part of you. There is literally – as already stated in the Bible –  nothing new under the sun. Every thought you have, every bit of knowledge you possess, almost all your understanding, is a product of a biological computer made by our universe; your mind.

Yet miraculously this biochemistry of You, can stuff the entire Universe into itself and even visually – or imaginatively – place itself outside the Universe. Your mind is actually more than a computer. It is a creative device for gathering knowledge and generating understanding, and also a great vehicle to make manifest divine inspiration.

And it is true, in the beginning – truly – there was darkness and the spirit of God roamed. When he said “let there be light” there became a Big Bang, and everything began.

All knowledge you need is within reach. Some is within you and some you have to dig out.





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