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Your spiritual destiny vs. egodestiny


Your morality and ethics are chosen, defined, and taught, by those who hold moral and governing authority in your society. By choosing what propaganda or news you’ll see the world through i.e. media and education, you will not easily see if they hold to the same values, and you will assume that they do. Furthermore, if you have not been taught to question “the self evidency” of … Continue reading

When love came to town the town was empty


Almost four thousand years ago two men who never met had a phenomenal idea. Noone had ever thought of this and it took more than two thousand years for the idea to spread. It is amazingly simple, yet for many so hard, and still transformational and moving once it takes hold. The two prophets were Zoroaster and Abraham. Both came from relatively the same area and in … Continue reading


perspective c

Time is one of those concepts we have to deal with in our personal lifes. When we’re five years old we feel that it will take forever to grow up. When we’re single we feel that we will never again be touched (and it feels like eternity). When we’re middle aged we feel that life is racing us by. Then we ponder history! Oh man! Just over … Continue reading

Impossible path


We want to do the right thing, but we don’t. We want to eat healthy, and then opt for fastfood. The difference is the choice of words. Wanting something and wishing for it isn’t the same thing. I wish I’d eat healthy, but I want to eat fastfood. I might wish to exercise more, but I want to stay in and watch TV. You do what you … Continue reading

Nuclear physics


Atoms are a peculiar thing. They don’t really exist, yet everything is made from them. Also if you look closely at them, they’re all the same, yet nothing is the same. It wasn’t a long time ago that a scientist realized the existence of Atoms. He had no idea how to prove it and people mostly agreed that he was a bit mad. Yet many scientists took … Continue reading