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Reflecting on C. G. Jung and the journey through time


The pioneering mind often coins into words and phrases, concepts which we already have discovered in our subconscious, and hence we recognize the concept when it is expressed. One of the most peculiar things I discovered in my own search for meaning – and much of it is coded in my youtube rants – is when I realized that concepts linger in our minds, sometimes collectively, and … Continue reading

A spiral of diverse perceptions


You hear much talk about consciousness, different kinds, expanding or higher or different or shifting and so forth. What you don’t hear so much that it’s all egotistical and none of it soulful. For there is only one human consciousness and it’s only a realm within a consciousness where everything that lives has a share. Ego tries to define subjects and label them but soul doesn’t need … Continue reading

Demon of indoctrination disguised as an angel


What drives most thinking people away from faith is how religions have sacrificed their content for rules and form. Slowly through the centuries we – the common people – have been led away from inspiration towards indoctrination. Education has not been able to lift this yoke of the mind and we see the results everywhere. We constantly let other people lead us to their truths and solutions, giving … Continue reading

Re-Forging Gandhi’s Satyagraha


To me and perhaps to most people Gandhi is an icon of something beautiful; aestethic and wise. Of course this can be the case when a person has been put on a pedestal for a won cause of the past. Where the cause has become two dimensional and flat, and the person only a symbol for the cause. In Gandhi’s case most of us know precisely two … Continue reading

The whore of Babylon


When I first studied The Bible concept of “The Whore of Babylon”, it disturbed me a bit. I was taught that this concept referred to all the religions and the logic which was used to explain it made sense, but something didn’t add up. The classic explanation of this concept is like this: The religions of the world play a dangerous game with the devil, deceiving people … Continue reading

No more writing

Guy Ellis playing with his phone

When I was thirteen I was given a small notebook as a present. It was yellow (my favorite color) with a drawing of a red flower on the front. It wasn’t large. It’s size and shape resembled A5. I loved it. For about a year I wrote in it from time to time. I usually wrote something innocent from my head. Thoughts and feelings and small experiences … Continue reading

Nuclear physics


Atoms are a peculiar thing. They don’t really exist, yet everything is made from them. Also if you look closely at them, they’re all the same, yet nothing is the same. It wasn’t a long time ago that a scientist realized the existence of Atoms. He had no idea how to prove it and people mostly agreed that he was a bit mad. Yet many scientists took … Continue reading