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Islam a religion of Peace or War


I read somewhere that The U.N. is suggesting to put a ban on criticism of religions. Particularly this direction, if true, suggests a response to Muslim’s growing sensitivity for criticism on their religion. Personally I’m not buying into it, though melodramatic over-sensitivity seems to be ever growing in all corners of the globe. From my experience, from discussing religious matters with Muslims, it seems that Mainstream Media … Continue reading

Monotheism versus Idolatry


The faith of Monotheism is a very ancient one and it is the purest form of faith you can find. It is transformative, clear, moving, and true. All of its prophets have advocated three foundations of faith. One and the most important is that there is only one supreme all powerful creator. Second that a person who approaches our creator and is open to him (or her) … Continue reading

Demon of indoctrination disguised as an angel


What drives most thinking people away from faith is how religions have sacrificed their content for rules and form. Slowly through the centuries we – the common people – have been led away from inspiration towards indoctrination. Education has not been able to lift this yoke of the mind and we see the results everywhere. We constantly let other people lead us to their truths and solutions, giving … Continue reading

Power of Destiny


When I recorded “God’s Will” under divine inspiration I had no comprehension of what was really going on. I had resisted for almost two years to do this and feared it for a good reason. No sane person, particularly someone who’s into Philosophy and Programming would record an insight such as this. To claim openly to other sane people that you are a prophet of God is … Continue reading

Spiralling lights


Man changes and uses his ideologies to either explain his inaction or action. From time to time different explanations arise. Once it was Hell and the Spanish Inquisition, then it was the hunt for Nazi war criminals, now it is the factions for or against The New World Order. Nothing changes in this respect. Human beings will define factions and definitions and vortexes of the mind, simplified … Continue reading

From God, To You


Recently I saw a film called The Captains. It’s a film by William Shatner where he interviews other actors. These actors had – like him – been cast in the roles of various captains in Star Trek. Star Trek is a very popular sitcom or television series, divided into different venues or timelines in a fictionary space story. At first glance Star Trek can be seen as … Continue reading

Preface to God’s Will


This is the new message from God to mankind. It was revealed to the prophet in May 2012. It was in the summer of 2010 that Guy Ellis asked God in prayer “what do you want from me? Why have you directed me from tribulation to tribulation for almost forty years? Why have you directed me from teaching to teaching? Why have you helped me to learn … Continue reading

To conform and shut up, or not


I am like everyone else. Therefore I have nothing to say. I have nothing to add to that. Of course I can, like everyone else, talk about it all day long. We all like to fart with our mouths, and it’s fun. We are the only animal on this planet who can formulate unlimited thought-cocktails with sounds. Pay attention: I didn’t say that we are the only … Continue reading

Open the curtains for knowing


We are all beings of light. We all know everything there is to know, when we want to. All you need is to draw back the curtain. The Universe is large, so large that even if you were in a spaceship three seconds away from the edge, travelling at the speed of light towards it, you wouldn’t get out. The Universe expands faster than the speed of … Continue reading