The new time is now

As already stated in “God’s Will” verse 26, the end of the world has already passed. The end of the world began with the first engines of the industrial revolution and ended with the manned landing on the moon. Other signs occured at that time.

For a decade and a half two powerful nations, representing less than a tenth of the world population – or human capability – raced to explore the backyard of the planet and place satellites in orbit.

One of them eventually placed people on the moon a few times. There are many documentaries which have been made who claim that the moon landings were expensive hoaxes.

Many of them seem to be quite logical and often very convincing. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that in an instant the worldview of our global village changed overnight.

Our world and self-perception hasn’t been the same since and there were other signs in global – or human – events which took place during the same time period, all influencing a global change in perception. Notice for a moment that since the first manned lunar landings we have more or less made no progress at all.

Why did we stop so suddenly? Just having made such a magnificent giant leap of the human spirit and scientific achievement? We could certainly afford it and there was everything in place to expand exponentially. I am convinced that the birth of the transformation prophecied so long ago had something to do with that.

The mindset of the old way of thinking wasn’t ready. Whether it is for divine intervention or for alien intervention – but we have been watched for much longer than we dare to speculate, we were dangerous to ourselves and the galactic village.

Now back to the seven signs.

The world wide explosion of the spirit of the hippy revolution with the message of unconditional love. Also when the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” which was composed around the same time with a revolutionary look upon this greates of God’s prophets. I could also add the intricately woven spiritual insights of Gene Roddenberry which are still having profound effects on our modern times.

As one prophet of God – Benjamín H. J. Eiríksson – reminds, a time of prophecy usually centers on a four decades period, there is no surprising that the spirit of transformation is ripe now.

The times for healing, growing in love for our creator, for each other and our deepening insight into spirirtual values. This time is now on a threshold into new times, times that represent a growing transformation around 1965 – more than about four decades ago – when the Christ came back.

Keep in mind that I use the term “the christ” loosely, as in my version of Monotheism it means the guardian angel of the prophet Yehoshua from Nazareth; the Archangel Michael.

Like he said many times, you won’t see how I’ll come. Nevertheless he gave many indications which I will explain further in later insights. The christian religions have focused on him coming back as a person to rule top down as a king.

This is a folly of human narrow minded expectation, the same kind of folly which inspire Idolatry and man’s avoidance of responsibility. The concept of the Christ means a rebirth of the true values and insight Joshua from Nazareth represented, values which have been hidden from mainstream since Constantine legalized the religion.


I recommend the series on The Seven Seals  and also the series on the Seven Angels for further insight on this.





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