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It is already suspected that in the Universe is a dark matter, sometimes called antimatter. It is sometimes estimated to be 23% of the mass of the universe, sometimes 46%.

Thousands of scientists are working on this mysterious matter – or energy – every day. There are abundance of hints about this phenomen all through history of human kind.

Some of those hints suggest that the culture of humanity which existed before the great cataclysm* (pre Egypt) knew how to connect with or harbor this phenomen.

Might sound like a novel to some, but this is hard knowledge, or verifyable.

Other aspect of those hints, for example the fables of Vril and the myths of the black sun or black light, either suggests that we can connect with this alter-reality subconsciously or through mythical / spiritual sources or channels.

In any case, if the dark matter exists it suggests that even if we knew and understood everything there is to know about physics, we only would know half. Meaning that the dark-matter part of the Universe would belong to a different set of “law of physics”.

Some hints towards this phenomen suggests wormholes or channels through space. A truly mindblowing idea! For if this were to be a possibility then there might be a possibility to travel from one part of the universe to another part at speed unknown to us; making speed of light seem fitting for snails.

One aspect to these ideas – which I’ve already hinted at elsewhere – is that it is quite possible that pre-Egypt civilization knew this and used the knowledge. Which opens up a wormcan of possibilities about the cataclysm which destroyed the past culture.

Please remember that I believe us to belong to the Egyptian timeline or culture, which was born post-pyramids in Upper and Lower Egypt (Khemet) – as I have explained elsewhere. In other words, pre-Egypt is pre-modernity. Which means that our culture is the Egyptian culture, but before the cataclysm was the Khemet culture in Egypt which belonged to the Ur timeline.

Would that make it true, the old religious idea that the older culture was destroyed?

Was it because it was evil? Is it possible that there are other cultures in the Milky Way Galaxy? Might they be aware of our presence and perhaps having been actively engaged with the older culture? Is it possible that there was a war out there, and is is possible that we were the active agent or proponent? Is it possible that we were on the evil side?

If these absurd questions make sense, then it would also make sense that we’re being watched, to see if we take hints and suggestions from those who can channel information and wisdom from these cultures; to see if we’ll grow up.

I personally believe that where there is smoke there is a fire. And some of the stuff I hint at I actually believe. But for now I find the questions to be more important than the answers. Particularly because of two seperate inspiriations I’ve had repeatedly in the past two years.

Namely that within twelve decades we will discover how to use pathways within the dark universe to travel long distances at phenomenal speed. Also that within two centuries we will have found ways to begin colonization on another planet, and perhaps two planets.

When current events in the world are seen from this perspective, which certainly takes a leap of faith, then politics and powermongers of our current times are certainly still at kindergarten. Because we will not be allowed out there with current mindset.

The interesting thing is – since my eyes where forced open to these matters along with other matter – that there are literally thousands of people scattered around the globe saying the things I’m saying – or similar. This awareness is in abundance almost everywhere and has been since the end of the world four decades ago.

It would also make so much of the dramatic egotistical mindfumbling of our current thinking, so shallow. Not that I want to judge anyone, just that I want to step up our awareness, not by force but suggestion. If you’re stuck in the level of Good vs. Evil, then you’re down there.


* Cataclysm is in some religious myths around the globe referred to as a great flood. The most famous one being the flood of Noah.





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