Did we fly to the moon?

Conspiracy theories are always important and popular. Most people consider them to be funny stories by lunatics. Others feel thay offer an important view of the times.

Do we ask ourselves why conspiracy is so interesting? We might learn something about ourselves if we found find the answer to this question. Could it be that we expect most people to lie often or do we expect truth?

For example most people tend to believe what they’re told in Mass Media about economics or politics. We trust the professionals and the journalists.

Politicians are losing the respect of people year by year, faster and faster; often exposed as psychopaths who lie and cheat their way into seats of power. But those who belong to the general public seem to believe them.

People believe particularly when government agencies, scientists and professionals (or specialists) are quoted. Never bothering to to check them out or dig out the hidden dots.

We all know that there are hoaxes and illusions that govern us. We all know that Television is used to hypnotize the masses, but we don’t have the clear evidence and those who claim to have it are not answered. Which should tell us something, but there is so much going on in the media and our daily lives that we forget and move on.




Then from time to time we come back to the subject and we ask ourselves; is it a hoax? But why should it be a hoax? Who’s to gain from it, and would it be possible? Would the media play along or is the media fooled. Perhaps journalists are afraid of getting blacklisted and perhaps the editors are afraid of something else?

We all know what a psychopath is. It is someone who knows how to dress appealingly, talk deceptively and attractive, and has the intelligence and stamina to maintain an illusion towards us in order to get something out of it.

How many of us have met and been befriended by psychopaths and learned an important lesson? Can we trust politicians? Can we trust those who created the political system?

Who benefits from the system? These matters are never discussed in media. And what isn’t on the media doesn’t exist in our minds.

Personally I don’t care if we took to the moon or not. What matterst to me is that since 1969 our view of the world, the Universe, and of ourselves has changed dramatically. But still on individual levels most of us are all partaking in destroying our planet and not doing anything to make the ruling powers behave.






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