Revealing the legacy of reptilians

Staying authentic isn’t easy in a world of shrouds. Yet I will tell you one bit of information not many have discovered. The gift of memory has nothing to do with your brain, nothing to do with your physical body at all.

A radio receiver might believe that it knows what it receives on the channels but it doesn’t know it. Just like your mind receives insight and inspiration through your soul and processes it so can the mind begin to believe in its own processing power to be, but it never creates.

Don’t be decieved by your ego’s history, which is a current stream of memory of one physical entity; nameley who you believe yourself to be, as that is simply a level of “awareness intimacy” which overshadows like a shroud.

Memories are made whole by cooperation of atoms realigned, and they use light vibrations to align. You can in fact induce alignment with thought patterns but only through soul-inspiration, never using only your mind and rarely using the common meditation techniques.

Don’t forget that the whole composition of the Universe is inspired by explosion of light and that all matter in the Universe is created by collision of light; in fact you are a being of light.

I’ll give you a hint to reflect upon. Human beings have existed for 0.2 million years and 65 million years ago there were giant reptiles on the planet who had developed over a period of 130 million years. No evidence today can point to the bipedal reptilian intelligence that developed in that period; yet many can feel it and sense it.

Actually if you’d research reptilian intelligence for example that of turtles, you’d find intelligence comparable to that of a dog, which is about a million times more than your textbooks would have you believe a reptile capable of.

But there’s more …





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