The western mainstream versus the Islam mainstream

There are reasons why the so called “Muslim world” is upset about the famed caricature and all of said reasons are inalid and condemn those who do the condemning.

img-coll-0327The main reason is because Mohammad strictly forbade any pictures of him because as a prophet he fought against idolatry.

Therefore any picture of M. would upset any devout Muslim.

But the moment the muslim decides to mock the unbelieving illusionist he leaves the faith and becomes idolater himself. Firstly because the core of true Monotheism is forgiving and long enduring kindness and a devout believer in “One Faith, One God” doesn’t judge.

In fact a true illuminated soul never condemns or judges anyone at all, ever. Let us not forget that there are a billion and a half muslims in the world and there are millions of them that actually get this.

The mere fact that a so called devout muslim would act vengeful because of an image of his beloved prophet shows that the same muslim has idolized his prophet and therefore become himself an antagonist of the faith; in fact the act of condemnation shows his true nature, whatever the cause of condemnation.

As illusions go, the world is never simple, and that’s the nature of all dogma or theology, that the deeper you go the more it gets complicated when it snares you in deceptions. This the illuminated muslim would understand and that’s why he – or she – would get upset about the famous danish caricature of Mohammad.

The caricature depicts not only an image of him but where an arab would have a turban you’ll find a bomb ready to explode.

What angers here the person of faith who would normally not condemn, is the insinuation that self-bombers and terrorists were so because of their faith; which is as far from the truth as can be.

No terrorist, suicide bomber, soldier or anyone posed to commit the act of violence can ever do so because of his faith. But generally weak souls commit horrors and kill for ideas and then use the superficiality of their so called faith to justify themselves.

No true believer in Monotheism, Christian, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Hebrew, or the unregulated would use his faith to justify any action except for loving kindness and long endurance, which always is opposite of illuminated faith.

What just happened in france shows complicated web of deception. If the NSA of USA is up to its task, then it surely knew about it before it happened. The same goes for the French secret service – Sureté – which is known to be better than Mossad, KGB and CIA combined.

Sureté is – along with Mossad – the only intelligence agency with real ties into Arabistan and surely would have known about the killings before they came to be. Secondly there are hints.

They alleged connection to Yemen, is impossible. There are no terrorist cells is USS Yemen. So what isn’t being said?

Firstly the news have tried to tie the shootings not only to Yemen – which main media has hypnotized you to believe to be not USS Yemen and secondly it implicates connections to ISIS/isil.

If my reader is well read then he or she already knows that ISIS is impossible.

No militant insurgency armed with only AK47 and a few trucks with 50 mm guns can overtake in a matter of weeks a third of Iraq and a third of Syria against thei armies already in place. The armies in place have artillery, tanks, hundreds of thousands of well trained professional soldiers, access to all the tools and backup they need.

There are also numerous known ties that the hierarchy of Isis is said to have to the western illusionsts and furthermore; why doesn’t the media tell us anything about these new leaders?

Here’s a connection for you: Isis is a well known name for the Egyptian (and Khaldean) goddess of rebirth and rejuvination of power and consolidation. It’s an illusion.

This means that there are illusionists in the west who benefit from getting the people in Europ all worked up about a few madmen shooting journalists on account of free speech. That would help the same powers to get renewed support for their new war in the Middle East and the possibility of a war in Ukraine.

European pupblic opinion is very much against these matters, as they are well informed about the war crimes of the Blair-Bush agenda. Remember; we are in the 21st century. We should not only be truely informed and able to connect dots; we should know better than to enforce our ideas using violence.

This is true of anyone, whether a western illusionist killing for representative democracy or someone else killing for his faith. Both are doing the same; using ideology to justify horrible deaths and terror.

Forgive, let go, move on. Grow in love and seek illumination; free from any ideology, even your own. Above all be stay informed of all sides to any issue and refrain from being fed any opinion, any dogma, or any mindset.

I Hope my muslim friends don’t chop my head off for these opinions and I suggest to them to try reading any article by a muslim which doesn’t intone a religious monotonous “peace be upon him” every time the name of a human being is metioned. I also hope that my western friends don’t lock me up with holocaust revisionists in the name of free speech in the west-arse.

There is no way for you to discover the nature of any spiritual or intellectual truth while you partake the fruit from the tree of good and evil. The mindsets ruling the world of humanity is a hall of million mirrors; the only way out is by breaking all of them, and that happens in your soul and not in your ego.

Hundreds of thousands of people have come together in Paris and elsewhere because of the shooting. I wonder if any one of them knows and understands why. I particularly wonder if anyone remembers what year the Danish Caricatures where made or how comparatively few muslims actually responded violently to them.

I also wonder if anyone realizes that in France there are more muslims per capita than in any other county of the Industrial Ghetto, and they’re getting along relatively fine with other french people. Remember that false flags and propaganda plays on your emotions, through your reasons, and rarely reaches your intuition.






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