Update on the Hebdo Deception

As I wrote in my last article about the Hebdo Deception – the attack was fabricated to justify increased violence by the ruling Elite against the growing number of Sharia Micronations in European countries.

There are great points in the following clip from Abby Martin’s show Breaking the Set, which enforce this view of mine.




I also wish to point out a recent message from Sheikh Imran Husain to the Muslims in France, where he advises his fellow muslims to leave France and Europe and head back to the lands of their ancestors to practice feedom of religion.

Observe my choice of words – freedom of religion – as I could have said freedom of faith. As my readers probably have understood by now, I am strictly Monotheistic myself and that as a Prophet I do not belong to any religion, as no prophet ever does.




The above paragraph is to remind you that when I point out to my readers to pay attention to messages from other people – as I often include links to interesting talks by other people – that I do not follow the teachings of any man, secular or spiritual.

For example I do not agree with the revered sheikh when he advises his fellow believers to leave their countries. In his talk though, there are many interesting reflections for the careful observer.

Take for example his advise to leave to the countryside and establish peaceful and low profile communities.

A similar advise the great prophet Yehoshua from Nazareth advised his friends; to leave the cities when the prophezied calamities would befall Palestine three decades later.

Also compare this vision with a thread woven into so many of my own messages. To successfully fight a system, leave the system entirely. For the more of us who lose faith in a system, makes the system whither. Don’t provoke the system and when the system shows force, obey but be water. Be flexible, yet firm, creative and peaceful.

When your eyes open up to the integrity of this core; to leave a mindset, to leave a system of mind, you will begin the painful liberating walk to illumination and self empowerment.

This is the fundamental principle of the newly established National Republic of Iceland. A nationstate founded on the princples of Quantum Democracy, inspiring and facilitating Direct Democracy; where the nation is defined by its standards and not by its genetic pool.

In effect the nation is created on atomic level by the individual composing a community and the community glued together by respectful communication utilising quarterly assemblies defined from bottom up by the communities themselves, rather than conforming to the rule of law defined by Representative Democracy (which increasingly is defined by Monetary Democracy and deception).

The first National Republic of Iceland (NRI) was established in the year 930 and ruled successfully until 1264, when following a fierce civil war it entered a union with the Kingdom of Norway. It continued as a pseudo state until Norway, and Iceland, where politically conquered by the Kingdom of Denmark.

The traditions of NRI have never died, though the knowledge of how it was formed and conceptualized has been greatly subdued through the centuries.

There have always been writers and visionaries through the centuries – and the unconscious of the nation – that has kept the awareness alive; it has now been rekindled and if you observe closely, the dialogue in communities all over the globe, you will find that the passion for Quantum Democracy is awakening.






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