Life without meaning is void

I have for a while held the opinion that when an idea is presented to my mind, that my cognitive abilities elaborate on it and when creativity is awakened that the idea is connected to other idea(s).

img-coll-0169In essence, I am simply a manifestation of *something* from the Universe and that I am neither a separate entity but more a perception of such, and in the same sense that my silent but powerful need for meaning is – or might be – the Universe’s need for meaning.

In a similar sense; I do not want to change the world, I am the world’s desire for transformation.

This is a similar technique of thought which I use to give my natural Soul – in the Jungian notion of Self – a control or power over the Ego; I am nothing (the ego), Life is everything. In the sense that my soul is greater than “the I” (the mind) who is simply a tool of the greater entity, the Soul.

This is not unlike the realization that the “thought I” is inherent in every braincell and within the mind there are contradictory realizations, concepts and visualisations.

If one would descend, within the consciousness, to the unconscious of an individual cell, to the thinking braincell, I might be the notion of “a god” or “a universe”. Particularly, taking this idea one step further; the Me-Myself-I is a composite of the same awareness within each cell.

In essence; each of us is a braincell in a larger consciousness. Therefore, if we’d take this process one step further. Life without meaning is void, and the Universe is not alive; but life itself. Therefore; Life is love and the purpose for life is joy for living.


p.s. This small post is a reflection from an earlier correspondence, but most of my writings are based on this principle .





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