Treat me like a Black Homosexual Woman in Sub-Sahara

I once heard the statement that a man cannot know what it feels like to be a black man in the Industrial countries, particularly in the North American Empire. Did you notice that I forgot to say “white man?

Reflectively when I look into a mirror I see a white man and my experiences are such. It is the same regarding Gender Equality; how can I understand what it feels like to be a woman in our society, if I have no experience of it?

The statement I refer to was given by a black woman in a conversation with a white woman and a white man; she asked them what they see when they look in the mirror:

  • I see a human being, answered the man.
  • I see a human female, answered the woman.
  • I see a black woman, explained the black woman.

When I read this statement I understood without it being explained. I also suspect that my reader has understood it from the start. Let me then take this point one step further.

As Howard Zinn explained in an interview with Woody Harrelson; often the point of suppressing people or marginalize them is to make them invisible. All of the mainstream, media or otherwise, depict you the role models and worldview of the Caucasian male.




I am not Charlie – Charlie means nothing to me. The cartoonists where probably ebbed on by Mossad, or CIA, or Surété or some shadow Zorglubb banker; simply to provoke and later justify a false flag. I have already written a few articles about that.

No I am not Charlie! I am the marginalized invisible Black Homosexual Woman in an impoverished Sub Saharan obscure country.

Write that on a placard and hang it on your neck. Then let us talk about human equality, justice, fairness and community awareness. Then let us move on to discuss the hypnotism through mass media, about marginalized issues in education.

Most of all; let’s discuss how we, the consumers, are destroying the earth making business with the global multinationals who seem hellbent on destroying everything decent about humanity and natural habitation.





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