There are four kinds of people

Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people.

img-coll-0619Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why the grammar is important or how to define the diplomas.

Two thirds of the rest are those who are interested in ideas and their epistemology. These are the ones who will explain why history unfolds the way it does and why science was invented. They will also generate new ideas and suggest ways of creativity.

The rest is the salt. Without the salt; the other three groups are tasteless drones storming towards zombieland. Noone sees the salt, noone knows how to create it; but you notice if it is missing.

Observe the tactical and numerical world of the hypnotized seven mindsets of today’s world; then tell me where the salt is.

Most of all, don’t tell me about your friends, not about your events, not about your knowledge. Tell me your insight and aspirations, and I will show you a way to a New and Transformed humanity.

If you don’t understand this post and if you wish to, then read history, study the hidden shadows in your culture, delve into the abyss of your inner mystique and discover the hidden treasures of your Soul. If you need inspiration I can suggest two of my own books for you to start with.

The Process of Positive Willpower will help you with self motivation and regenerating your energies. God’s Will can aid you to rediscover inspiration. What ever you read, wherever you turn; start selfeducating your mind and soul. Try to overstep the boundaries of your fears and develop your spiritual courage. Start living your own life, and not the one you’re hypnotized into leading.







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