The Anglo Saxon conspiracy will soon be evident

We who are subjects in western democracies have been made to believe that there is a UK-USA partnership when there isn’t one. Yet it might appear to be and for a very good reason.

img-coll-0184It is usually referred to as Anglo-American partnership. The Anglo-Saxon conspiracy is the suggestion that there exists a powerful elite in the United Kingdom and elsewhere working towards the demise of the American empire and a resurrection of the British.

First the Anglo-American alliance defeated the Germans together in 1918 and then again in 1945. They have operated together in Afghanistan, Iraq and in supporting Israel and together they defeated Soviet Communism.

There is a common misunderstanding when comparing these two concepts as most people automatically assume the concept of Anglo-Saxon to represent Anglo-American and the two being one and the same but it is not so.

Most people confuse these two because of the fact that the UK and the USA have so often fought on the same side in a war and also because both countries use The English Language. Therefore it is common that people presume the Americans to be descendent from English nationality, which is incorrect.

Currently approximately 50 million Americans are descendent of Germanic ancestry or roughly 17% of the population, while barely 26 million Americans are descendent from English ancestry or about 9%. These numbers are explained further on an article on Wikipedia. 

Actually there are some who belive that when English was chosen as a national language in the USA that it beat German language by a margin, but this claim is uncertain.

Both countries appear to be (and probably are) both Rothschild controlled but of course that’s just a conspiracy theory! It is an illusion and it is obvious once you illuminate a few hidden points. Or as David Icke would say “connect the dots.” Both are surely influenced and partly manipulated by the banking cartel but more factors come into play.

The first world war was a scam. Germany was lured into that war and Otto Von Bismarck warned that it would happen when he was politically ostracised by a devious far reaching plot. The USA never wanted into that war.




When the bankers who owned the far reaching plot realized in late 1916 that England was losing the war and that Germany was easily defeating the Russian army they knew that the plot was falling apart, they had a plan B.

In order to understand the far reaching plan of these people you must understand that they expect a Messiah who will make the whole world subservient and simultaneously build the third temple of Solomon, which they can only do if they defeat Islam.

But they also want something else; the holy ark. I will not digress on these last points now though; it is out of scope.

You must understand that thought USA uses English as a national language that Anglo-Saxon heritage is limited there. Forty percent of American culture is German and North European. Another thirty percent is Russian, Jiddish, Ashkenazy and Mediterranean.

The rest is a mix but Hispanic and Black, of course. But overall mixture of the emerging US culture is far from English and majority of the people have no real interest in European affair. Actually the natural tendency is towards Middle and South America and then the Pacific pond.




What I am suggesting here is that when the USA was lured into the second world war there was similar plot involved as in the first one. Both events connect to Winston Churchill who was the catalyst bringing the US involvement about. Still the far reaching plot was still in play.

What you must realize in order to see the illuminated points is that both German culture and the Anglo Saxon culture are totally disinterested in the Zionist Messiah or the building of the Third Temple.

Knowledgeable people in secret societies and econimcally cultural societies are well aware of what kind of genocidal massacres it would and will ensue.

People of this knowhow are though powerless against it and they know this. What these people have begun to realize since early 1950, is who a select few in politics, how mass media (or main media) and gullibility of the masses have been used to steer the world toward this great cataclysm of the world that we believe to percieve but don’t.

This means that the people who could have seen through the deceptions of both world wars and could have affected things didn’t see the forest because of the trees. For example Germany offered over twenty peace agreements to England between 1940 and 1942. In 1916 Germany also offered England a peace agreement and it was almost accepted.

Not many are able to see that the American Civil War involved a turning of tide from Cotton based and England connected riches toward the emerging Oil and Steel based riches and the question between Central banks and Rothschild deceptions or free civil economy – along with the battle between the US states being free to choose their own fates or the Federal state.

That last piece of point is a large piece of the puzzle as it involves the far reaching plot I keep mentioning.

If we come back to the end of the second world war and focus on the realization of the power elites and shadow elites in England they came to realize that they had been decieved into losing their empire. That’s a tremendous realization but of course they neither can admit it nor openly do anything about it.

Just consider for a moment that the great Winston Churchilll was responsible for not defeating the hated Nazi’s but for losing one of the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. In the year 1900 the English empire was more powerful on a world scale than the USA was in the year 2000.

Keep in mind that it is ok to hate the Nazi’s as long as you don’t see who taught you to hate them and as long as you don’t research what has been hidden from you. But again, out of scope.

Now turn back to the events of the last three decades and think for a moment. For example the greatest History Revisionist in the world – David Irving – has been able for decades to reveal parts of the history I’m connecting. Why hasn’t he been assasinated or simply kept on any grounds in the same situation as Rudolf Hess?

Hess never had time to do any war crimes.

He was imprisoned in England throughout the War and he knew things he was never able to tell. And successfully demonised so that you wouldn’t believe him anyway. But agina this is out of scope. The fact is that in order to show you the conspiracy I would have to write a pamphlet, but I’m not terribly into this.

For sixty years after the war England was so heavily in debt to the US – plus loosing its colonies – that it was lame and subjugated. Though it appeared intact through the media and in many world scale events, it was no more than a US sentient in Europe.

I only want to make this post, so that interested individuals who read history and are aware of world events can see the points, if they already possess some of them. I also want to be able to say in a few years; I told you so.

Now observe the progress of the European Union and the Euro Currency.

Again keep in mind that Mr. Irving is the only one who has academically pointed out what I’ve said about Winston Churchill. There are others who are allowed to keep alive the ghost of the empire, and I’ll show you why.

The economy system in the world is in chaos and has been for a while. Many are looking at the Dollar, discussing the wars that IMF/USA has waged against countries and leaders who wanted to drop the Petro Dollar, there is much debate about the new BRIC bank and there are great storms around the Euro.

As with all illussions. There are more people who can make plots than the old zionist banking families.

Noone is observing the Pound Sterling and noone is asking what the shadow Elite of cunning, focused and very disciplined Anglo Saxon royalists are scheming, in their cold anger. Remember that revenge is best served Icecold.

If you can see the points I merely hint at, then you’ve been researching history and observing world events. If you don’t and still managed to read this post; go forth and research.

Remember that I don’t believe that the current system of the world can be saved. Our current culture is performing a global suicide and faster than we are being told. There is – according to my faith and inspiration – only one thing we can do. But again, out of scope.


I recently made a short talk on this Conspiracy and three others in a Youtube rant.


I have placed many links to documentaries and other material in this post; please do not consider them as A Truth but as an incentive to start selfstudy.

There is no truth, only perception.






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