The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games

There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs.

If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because of the EMP wave (Electromagnetic Pulse).

In the world today there exists on an estimate of 900 to 1800 miniscule Hydrogen bombs that can be – and are – fitted into suitcases. Each capable of, if smuggled into a country and detonated wisely in carefully chosen places, knock out entire cities.

There exist in the world today; thousands of people who’d love to demonstrate this. Main media would like you to believe otherwise. But I promise you one thing in case of False Flags.

One of these suitcases will be detonated, and it will set off a very serious war. The question is, which city will be chosen as the sacrificial lamb?

I suggest two links for selfeducation

Lastly; live long and prosper, not as an individual in the mall and with a mortgage, but as a part of prosperous enlightened community. If you don’t know how to, begin to selfeducate and to acquire positive transformation.

I have seen a vision of a suitcase bomb being detonated as a False flag operation. But I didn’t see where. I often ask and try to decipher, but I’m not sure where. If I ever can answer that question, I promise to update this short article which at the moment is about two separate, yet related, and very dire possibilities.






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