The ticking time bomb of nine past eleven

I remember clearly where I was on 911. In Iceland it was around lunch time and I had dropped by at a friend’s place to discuss a personal matter. His girlfriend rang him and said “turn on the news.” We did and then watched, dumbfounded.

img-coll-0308Do you remember where you were on that morning, who you were with and what you were doing? Do you remember the thoughts that went through your head?

In my mind at that moment only two thoughts came up and they circled my mind for days. One was “no fucking way, oh my God” and the other one was “there’s something strange about how smoothly the buildings came down.”

I had a few years earlier seen a documentary on how to demolish skyscrapers and other tall buildings and therefore I knew that it matters how they’re taken down. If the explosives are not placed correctly the buildings either come partly down or they fall sideways and destroy neighboring buildings.

Therefore I had an inkling in the back of my head that there was something wrong about this but still I believed the event; I saw it on Television and I didn’t even for a second believe that someone would be so bold as to devise such a devilish and detailed plot as a false flag operation.

It was simply on too much of a grand scale. Yet the third thought came to my mind; “someone is going to pay for this, and it’s Islam, one way or another.” There was no way to get away from this without a scapegoat and a war. Noone attackes The United States of America and gets away with it, particularly not in their backyard.

Then I just left it at that. Understandably the president of USA demanded a war on some enemy and though I found the chosen enemy a bit far fetched, you don’t question CIA and MI6. When two of the most powerful military nations on the planet choose a target, you don’t doubt them.

That was back then, for since then I’ve had several reasons to start questioning everything and then questioning again, but that’s out of scope for the moment.

When they decided to attack Afghanistan I asked myself again if the shadow powers in the USA were either stupid or simply illiterate fools? Anyone who knows anything about history of mankind and particularly about military campaigns knows that the Afghan people have always whipped invader’s asses and they always will.

Then they invaded Iraq on grounds simply too stupid and for such obvious propaganda reasons that I began to question the whole thing in earnest. There’s no need to go deep into that hilarious subject, much less the spin on Libya or Syria where thousands of civilians have been brutally slaughtered to feed the industrial military complex.

As you see, the second question that lurked in the back of my mind at the time of the incident, has just been answered. Follow the money, find out who benefits, and you’re closer to find out what’s behind the glare of the deception. So let us revisit the question of demolishing highrise buildings.




When a skyscraper is demolished you have to think very carefully about how it should be done. You must place explosives of the right kind in the right places and they must be fitted in the right way. When they’re detonated you have to make sure that the right amount of time – measured in seconds and milliseconds – passes between them and in the correct order.

If this is not carefully calculated and if amateurs do it, you’re likely to wind up with a building half demolished or that it falls in the wrong way and in the wrong direction. You have to make sure that it falls in free fall, vertically down to ground zero, in as graceful manner as possible.

Since a normal mind cannot comprehend that someone would carefully plan such a thing as 911, and since the horror is taking place in live television, you automatically assume that it’s really happening. You don’t ask the first obvious question as “how come a professional video is being broadcast live from the event as if for a chance?”


Let’s spend a few minutes to observe some failed demolitions:



Then compare one successful demolision to understand my suspicions.



For years I just bought the mainstream propaganda. This was simply to huge to fathom but as you can see, I had a shadow of suspicion in my mind and consequently when the Conspiratorials began their propaganda I fell an easy prey, as I had already seen that something didn’t add up.

Be that as it may. My point writing this article has nothing to do with conspiracy, even though the undertone might suggest that. The entire empire of the Industrial nations, went along with 911 and is still waging war because of it, and one simply has to give them some credit; that not all the men and women at the helm can be idiotic cretins.

By this I mean to say that whether you buy the official explanations or if you buy the conspiracy theories, doesn’t matter to me. I have no interest one way or another to convince you in one direction or another. I don’t care about the world system of Satan; it’s about to fall or Transform and I’m not into any of the ideologies inside that Pandora’s box.

I’ve left all mindsets and and consequently have aligned myself with the creator of our Universe, where my allegiance belongs.

As my friends and readers know, I do spend time researching many subjects. Some of them are controversial and others are mainstream. I constantly make an effort to selfeducate about matters, be it matters that interest me or not. Some of these matters I write reflections on and others I leave alone.

Usually when I research subjects I take more interests in the personalities in the discussions and I sometimes research them further. Ken O’Keefe is one of those individuals and a few days ago I took some time to watch some of his material online. He’s a ferocious and intelligent human rights activist, well spoken and exceptionally clear on subjects he focuses on.

One of his videos was a take on 911. As I’ve seen quite a few of those I didn’t really want to spend time on that one but decided to keep an eye on it while cooking my dinner. As it’s an hour and a half long I had already eaten when I realized that I was watching it intently, for there was a take in this one that opened my eyes to something I hadn’t realized before.




I suddenly realized that slowly the American public is beginning to believe that the 911 terrorism was blamed on a fall guy! If this is so, be it true or not I know not, but if it is so, then who is the real culprit? Many suggest Mossad in cooperation with CIA elements. A suggestion too large for even me to fathom.

But if the fall guy is innocent, then The United States has waged war for almost fifteen years against the wrong enemy and given thousands of lives for a hoax, and slaughered millions of innocent civilians for a lie.

I suddenly realized that if this becomes proven, the outcry will be momentous, tremendous, monstrous! This might be the real reason for the widespread military buildup in the USA, and for arming the police. The powers in control are expecting this to blow up in their face.

I have monitored reports about the increase in military movements and the weaponizing of the police force, but I suspected three other possibilities for it. One is that the Pentagon people expect an enemy attack they cannot know where would strike, or that they expect an EMP attack.

Perhaps they simply need to keep the military industrial complex tuned for economy reasons that main media is silent about.

Perhaps those three reasons come into account but since wathing this interesting video from an American Patriot who’s a proven man of honor; I strongly suspect that this might be in the making; a new american revolution.

I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart and soul that I’m wrong. We’ve had enough bloodshed and revolutions do only harm.

Can you imagine how the United States would handle a public revolt of this magnitude? From all that I know about the American attitude, sense of patriotism and culture, the outcry would be enormous and I doubt that the military would be in unison with or for the government. I also doubt that the Zionist state of Israel would survive that blast.

If this prophecy comes true; noone can perceive the outcome. I hope people hold on to their peaceful and calm selfs, but I fear they will let their shadow loose. I literally shake, when writing this.

Added material about two people of integrity and one coincidental architect

Now you can see why the Ukraine problem was created. For if this prophecy comes true, there is only one way to unify the people and that’s a war with Russia.





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