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I hate war in all forms and I utterly despise anyone justifying any form of killing a human being for any cause, without exception. You cannot fight evil with evil, no matter how you look or sound; Evil is pro death.

img-coll-0264There is no difference between soldiers killing for God or Democracy or some patriotic propaganda; both are killing for an abstract idea, both believe that they are fighting evil, but using evil means.

I haven’t always felt this way. When I was a teenager I began studying warfare of human history. I was equally interested in the war tactics of Arminius the German, the campaigns of Alexander, the genious of Patton, Rommel, Guderian and Montgomery.

Reading Sun Tzu was a bedtime story and researching Miyamoto Musashi was sunday school but Moltke and Clausewitz were advanced studies. Two of my favorite quotes are from Clausewitz “On War”. The first goes like this “no strategy survives first contact with a battlefield” and the second is like this “war is a continuation of politics by other means.”

Being raised in the shadow of the world shaped by World War II there is no doubt that reading on that war was closer at hand than many other wars, but that war is connected through other history events, and can easily be traced back to the campaigns of Napoleon.

Napoleon was one of the most skilled tacticians we’ve seen in history, perhaps only rivalled by Alexander the Great. The third, and probably the cleverest was of course Genghis Khan who was not only a great leader of men but remarkably intelligent and even genious in other areas, even spirituality.

When I was in my late thirties there came a change in my mindset while watching a film about the Holocaust – perhaps the most horrible stain on human history – made me realize and truly perceive the horror of war, and the crime against Jewish victims of concentration camps.

Since then I’ve gradually formed a more substantial disdain for all forms of violence, as a spiritual person and as a human being. Particluarly I despise all forms of racism.

Through the years I’ve been friends with many who have also studied history. Most of those have been keen on military history and most of them better read on the subject than I. A grandfather of my ex-partner fought in the North African campaigns and I witnessed first hand his tale of that time.

It goes without saying that through conversations with people through the years I’ve gained insights from people who view the world and events differently than I do, therefore I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to broaden my own perception.

Of everything I’ve read and discussed I’ve grown especially fond of the concept of the sniper. It’s an entirely different soldier than almost all others.

As a sniper you might need to lay in waiting, totally camouflaged and merged with your surrounding for more than a day and even two or three days, eating meager rations, peeing in your trousers, waiting for the kill.

A sniper’s kill is always personal. He waits for a long time, dealing with the shadows in his mind, dealing with long hours and temperatures from extreme hot or extreme cold, keeping his cool and maintaining sharp mental focus; all the time keeping the target in mind and once the opportunity arises, shoot to kill.

This kind of killing becomes personal within you and it leaves a mark. In the estern front of the great war between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany there was a heavy emphasis on sniper usage and both the Wehrmacht and the Red Army trained skilled and efficient snipers.

When sniper warfare is studied, you in fact begin with studying the German snipers of WWI, then into German snipers of WWII, then the thousands of Soviet female snipers, and on to later snipers in the modern armies who have learnt to value these kind of assets.

In the course of study I have also reflected on the French Foreign Legion and I’ve also had opportunity through private dialogue to learn about the training they conduct in the legion and get a special insight into comparisons of special forces training of the NATO armies.

In relation to this I did for a time spend some time to reflect on the Biafra war and the Congo-Zaire wars and of course the Rhodesian war which contains interesting aspects.

What is interesting about these African wars are the mercenaries and their stories. Many of the Merc’s were Europeans, some of the drill instructors were WWII veterans and others ex-Legionnaires. For brevity, let’s just say that I know a thing or two.

I also receieved minimal training, using rifles and handguns, in the Icelandic Coast Guard about three decades ago. On granny’s farm I had to learn how to shoot a rifle and a shotgun, of course for hunting purposes and to know how to relief an injured animal of it’s agonies.

It goes without saying, having been raised on a farm that I’ve killed animals. Life and death is a circle and in different harmony when you live on a farm, than in a city where you shop for meat.

All this is to say; I have no interest in the film American Sniper and none in the man it is about. I’ve had my share of getting into matters of this sort and I also have only one thing to say about the invasion of Iraq and the war crimes committed; shame you you NATO.

In the past few days I forced myself to reflect on Chris Kyle and American Sniper. I haven’t seen the film and won’t watch it. I’ve always loved Clint Eastwood’s work, so it was tempting to take a look.

Recently I was checking out an interview with Jesse Ventura where he was being asked about the lawsuit he won against Chris Kyle’s estate.

As I’m a critic of mass media I often listen to the way questions are asked and enforced as much as the questions asked and in Ventura’s responses there were suggestions that awakened my curiosity. Also I noticed the line of questioning, which so often reveals things to a conspiratorial minds. So I checked out a Chris Kyle interview the same evening.

One thing is certain about all war veterans who have killed enemy soldiers, particularly when they’ve killed more than a handful; there is a change in their eyes, they don’t like talking about their kills, they rarely recount their number, and they never brag.

This is why I started this article in such a way as to inform you that I have studied war for over two decades.

There is a mindset involved, there are attitudes and experiences involved and there are things or matters between the lines that the general TV viewer and film viewer from an Industrial city never is informed of, things obvious to a keen observer taking his time.

Immediatly a conspiracy flag was raised in my mind. I will not reflect here on what I saw or recognized in the interview, as it is linked below. But I immediately went on to look at interviews with is widow, both at his funeral and a later talk. Again, red flag.

Then I investigated if there were other American Snipers from Iraq and I checked out one of them who is outspoken about his experiences. Then I checked out controversies regarding the alleged murder of Mr. Kyle. Again, red flag.

Propaganda is often used to fish the masses into perceptions, particularly when playing the hero- and patriotism card. Mass hypnosis is easy if it manipulates emotions and focuses on certain way of asking, painting a picture and shifting the focus to what should be in mind.

I am personally convinced that the character of Chris Kyle is a scripted part in a play, carefully constructed for two main purposes. It goes without saying that he and his wife have to be actors. His death was – in my view – staged to remove him from the spotlight.

I believe that this stunt was created to spin up the masses to support the Iraq war, and to rebuild the dwindling support of the masses for the shameful Iraq war crime.

I also suspect that the Jesse Ventura incident was to cast a shadow on Ventura’s growing popular support, as he’s probably the only danger to the Military Industrial Complex and the lies and propaganda used to govern NATO countries and the entire Industrial world.

Of course they could simply assassinate him, but that would turn on floodlights on his entire message from JFK to Iraq and his main agenda, to pull the US empire from the hundreds of military stations around the globe.

Now this is certainly a conspiracy theory. One I’m reluctant to suggest. I realize that it needs quite a substantial dot-connecting, which would require a five times longer an article. A work I don’t wish to endeavor, as I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

I’m a simple guy who likes to study and reflect and particularly to remind people about the Creator of our Universe, in my capacity as a prophet.

I have no interest in the affairs of the empires of illusions, in politics or world economy. It’s currently still in the grips of the fallen angels and I encourage people to self-educate on how to leave the seven fold system of deception and illusion.

If you are interested in connecting the dots I researched when assembling the theory; I leave you with an extensive list for selfeducation. Reflect on the eyes of the men in all interviews and the red flags will shout back.

  1. David Icke’s take on Wag the Dog.
  2. MSNBC interview with Garett Reppenhagen.
  3. Garett Reppenhagen on IVAW.
  4. “Secular Talk” discusses seven problems with American Sniper.
  5. Article on about American propaganda Sniper.
  6. Chris Kyle on FOXnews.
  7. Chris Kyle on
  8. Taya Kyle at NRA 2013.
  9. A typical unscripted sniper soldier (for comparison of fluency).
  10. Alex Jones discusses Chris Kyle’s death.
  11. A 911 call from the sister of Kyle’s suspected killer.
  12. A short info about the trial of Kyle’s suspected killer.
  13. German snipers in WWII.
  14. Carlos Hathcock – the legend.
  15. Abby Martin’s take on American Sniper.
  16. Jesse Ventura about Chris Kyle and the lawsuit.
  17. A lesson on hitting the target.
  18. Short interview with a Vietnam sniper.
  19. Interesting points from the First Lady.
  20. Interview with a Vietnam veteran.
  21. Interview with Jay Taylor, Vietnam scout sniper. –
  22. Vietnam veteran interview.
  23. Vietnam veteran intervew.
  24. Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern I.
  25. Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern II.–
  26. Jesse Ventura and Cenk Uygur.
  27. The 1860 Henry Gun (for fun) and Blondie having some fun – and some.
  28. Russians and Germans fighting in Berlin 1945.
  29. A WWII vet remembering a kill.
  30. Military lecture by Garett Reppenhagen.
  31. Chris Hedges on Isis and Iraq.
  32. Noam Chomskey about American Sniper.
  33. Wag the Dog – trailer.
  34. Fair Game – trailer.


Speaking of the Iraq invasion and occupation, which was just as disgusting as the Nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. Let us not forget that Bush and Blair have already been charged with War Crimes in one war criminal court and there is much work in the world to bring them to another one.

Remember that all mindsets are based on cognition, concepts, emotions and shallow mindedness.

To leave a system of the mind you must self-educate, you must research what might be hidden behind veils, you must learn to devalue all ideas and particularly refute the ones most dear to you.

Your soul is the only value that came with you into this world and will take a value back out of this world. Everything that happens in your life from birth to death will add to that value or decrease it. Every day you’ll be tempted to sacrifice your soul for your ego, in so many ways.






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