The Hebdo deception in Paris

The Industrial Ghetto was in turmoil for a few days after the murder of 12 individuals in Paris. Where is a list of their names? Amazingly few of us seem to notice that their assassins behaved as trained military operatives and acted in every way as professionals.

img-coll-0179First they shot some trained security guards who didn’t get to fire even one shot in defense. Then they raced a few flights of stairs, after calmly breaking in through a state of the art security system, and then shot some more people.

Then they shot an armed police officer out in the street as if it was a walk in the park and then drove calmly away.

When a police car hindered their getaway, they again shot calmly into their window in such a way that no untrained or emotional person could have done.

All their manoeuvres were conducted in a calm and collected manner. Every movement caught on camera showed a skilled operation by people who knew precisely what to do, when to do it, how to accomplish it, in a calm and collected manner of a trained professional. Not agitation of an emotional religiously motivated terrorist.

Lastly they left their passports in their car, when they switched tactically to a backup getaway car, but first they remembered to pick up a shoe from the street, which had fallen out of their car.

The event was accidentally filmed by a couple of individuals who just happened to be in two excellent viewpoints for great shots. There they were filming on the best moment and calmly and professionally. Simply take a look at the videos people are making on their phones and uploading on social media and compare them.

Perhaps the Charlie Hebdo massacre was a false flag operation and perhaps not. It’s not so relevant if we reflect on the result of the operation.

The very same day, someone kicked a pregnant woman the stomach, for the sake of wearing a Muslim veil – or Hijab. She lost the baby, simply because everyone believes that it were Muslims who committed the act of terror. Notice that the worldwide mainstream media was sure that it was Islamic terrorist attack before the corpses were cold, based on a clearly recorded one shout on one of the aforementioned videos (filmed through a window).

No one seems to connect the dots in the main media that in the previous four years “Charlie Hebdo” has been ebbed to continue the publishing of anti-Muslim drawings, and not only anti Muslim but in fact with grossly insulting and immature provocative material that any self respecting adult would find insulting to any faith or worldview.

There is a great divide between intelligent humour and offensive insults. There is also less of a divide between Nazi Propaganda in the last century and refined and modern propaganda in our current times. Also it has been proven many times over that The Industrial Military Complex – as president Eisenhower coined the term – stages events and deceptions to justify its existence and operations.

No one seems to ask who financed the publishing outfit or ebbed on the childish cartoonists. Not many seem to ask why they fought for free speech to insult Islam but fired one of their own when insulting one Jewish politician. Our mainstream has known for more than a decade, since the Danish caricature was published, that it is not advisable to publish pictures of that kind, and in fact serves no logical purpose.

Even fewer followers of the propagandastream have been told that months passed from the publishing of the Danish caricatures until they became a whirlwind in the Muslim world. In fact considerable effort was made to stir up that outcry, and for a reason.

Hebdo promoted itself as the sentinels of freedom of speech which is nothing but a media spin. There is no freedom of speech to criticize Zionists. People are demonized and prosecuted if they doubt the horrors of the Holocaust, yet are given free reign to degrade the Muslim faith.

While one group of people is sentenced to prison for expressing their views and not others for same behaviour but against a different agenda, we are no different than the Spanish Inquisition.

You’re not put in prison if you believe that the earth is flat but if you wish to reinvestigate the Holocaust you’re put in prison for offending its survivors. These same survivors still today receive massive war-reparations from Germany. As far as I know the survivors of the WWII genocide by Germany are the only genocide-survivors receiving war reparations.

Do the main media remind you of Burundi, Croatia, Cambodia, Bengal, and North America? Does it tell you about the allied countries genocide of between four and six million Germans during and immediately after World War II?

Search out on Youtube a conversation between Woody Harrelson and Howard Zinn. Look for the incident where Mr. Zinn recounts an event of Eisenhower’s bombers killing seven thousand unarmed prisoners of war waiting to go home to their families.

Psychologically we haven’t changed through the age of enlightenment. We know more facts but we’re the same self-centered and self-righteous narrow minded bigots as in the past. We would cheer for the burning of Giordano Bruno at the stake today but for new reasoning. We would not hesitate to advise Galilei to shut the fuck up and keep is job.

If you dare to refute the official history and ask for review, the mainstream uses mass hypnosis and slander; labels you an Anti-Semite even though you were in fact a pacifist and anti racist, despite you even having many Jewish friends or Jewish supporters. Even if you are openly against war crimes and genocides, even if you’re fighting for human rights and decency, you still can be demonized and smeared.

Often enough in the enlightened democratic West – which I nickname either as the “Industrial Ghetto” or “Industrial empire” you can marginalise almost anyone using words like anti-semitism, anti-feminism, Nazi, Fascist, Terrorist or the like. The list is long but these are most common in modern witch hunt.

Significantly few seem to realize that the extremist Muslims are very few within the Islam population. It is also overlooked that those who confess to this faith are almost equal in numbers to those of Christians. Even fewer seem to figure out that within states of Christian majority, there is equal proportion of Christian extremists.

Even fewer seem to have acquainted themselves to how the psychology of zealot is promoted in the media. How the media chooses who is demonized and who is depicted. Many Christian terrorists exist, but they are usually referred to as madmen (or madwomen) or extremists of various kind. Feeding propaganda and mass hypnosis is a tool for power, and if you don’t see it then it has been successful.

Voltaire is quoted to have said “identify who you’re not allowed to criticize and you find out who controls you.” I wish to add; and who owns you. Also identify the one demonized in propaganda and main media and ask yourself what the larger agenda might be, beyond what the depiction might be. Then ask who benefits.

How do you feel when you get the news that Christian extremists commit wickedness? Around 75% to 80% of the population in the Industrial Ghetto, and thereby in Iceland confess to Christianity. Not any person within the Republics argues that Christianity is a religion of war; in fact most people perceive it as a religion of peace.

Over 90% of aggressive wars for the past five centuries, or more, are instigated by Christian democratic nation states. Also the two world wars are instigated by these nations, fueled by main media, along with most of the genocides against indigenous peoples around the world.

Is there any journalist who dares, or gets away with, to examine the Holocaust committed against Germans between 1945 and 1949? It is estimated that nearly two million prisoners of war were systematically starved to death and denied vital medical care until 1947, with the knowledge and consent of the humanitarians Eisenhower and Churchill.

It is also known that more than two million German men, women and children, were driven into camps, from Poland to Ukraine and elsewhere in the Eastern Bloc in the same four years. Then they were gracefully allowed to die by hunger, bullets or lack of medical care. There are hundreds of stories of private soldiers who were, guilty serving their country, hanged in streetlamps and fire lit beneath them, barbecuing them to death.

You have been hypnotized to believe – yes, believe – that only Nazi’s were guilty of war crimes and that you are moral treasure who would never be led by such men into the genocides committed in World War? I suggest that you think again, or at least research philosophy and update your knowledge about the human condition.

Was it ok to kill four million Germans, as well as hundreds of thousand of other citizens the cities the British and Americans leveled by bombing (air raids) between 1943 and 1945? Can the war crimes of the allies be justified by the six million Jews gassed and cremated?

Only a handful of persons have calculated the amount of coal, gas and oil needed to cremate bodies in the concentration camps. Among them is the historian David Irving – a leading expert in the history of World War II. He was sent to jail for insulting the survivors of the Holocaust, has been haunted and persecuted in many countries.

He and others have been labeled as holocaust deniers, suggesting to the hypnotized mind to be anti Semitism. The fascists may have invented propaganda but our democratic humanitarian media seems to have taken a liking to the method and then some.

It’s an interesting twist that holocaust denial is classified next door to hate speech and provocative speech. You’ve been raised to believe these to be evil, as it might instigate hate and violence. This hides something more sinister, a subject requiring another even longer article than this one.

Namely that if you are truly an informed person in enlightened times then hate- or provocative speech wouldn’t successfully get you to hate a specific group of people or provoke violent actions against the same. Think again; how is your mind being manipulated through industrial mass media to side with the Industrial War Machine and their Banksters against the faith of Muslims?

Also it is interesting that most of the hate speech laws are based on the premise that you may not hurt the feelings of survivors or their relatives, or their memory. Look again at mass media and TV soaps; drama is the name of the day. You cannot hurt feelings of others, but in our contemporary times we can instigate wars to kill thousands and even millions, lie to our countries about almost anything, destroy homes for the sake of debt-accounting in the banks, but not hurt feelings. Who is being manipulated here, and who benefits from it?

As I mentioned before, Germany is still paying billions to Israel in compensation for the Holocaust, the only nation in the world that has been made to pay compensation for a genocide (as far as I know), although many other genocides have been committed since then. You’re being led to believe that it was only a specific political movement, the responsibility of one person, who was behind it; then what about all other genocides?

Who am I not allowed to criticize? Who controls me? I do not deny the Holocaust and I have no interest in revision at all. But I care deeply about freedom of thought, expression and speech, without which our human culture would vanish and we’d turn back into apes.

If we suppress so much as one word, if we label as many as one person for his convictions and believes, no matter how absurd, then we are not better than the fascists we despise and no better than the Spanish Inquisition.

I am personally proud of the Jewish people, just as much as I am proud of my own people. I trace the roots of my spiritual faith to the history of this great nation and I feel deeply for the trials and tribulation they have had to endure through the centuries.

I do not like the revistionists or deniers, but I will defend their right to say what they want to say and their right to live in a free and open society. I also abhor how the secular state of Israel has allowed itself to become a racist and oppressive regime and itself toeing the borderline of genocide against the natives of the land they have invaded and conquered.

This is all connected to the so called massacre in Paris on the seventh of January this year (2015). To find out who is behind events you need to find who gains from it. Sometimes it is necessary to trace the money trail and power trail into the shadowland. Sometimes this leads to the owners of mass media which unfortunately often has members of the legislature in their pockets and regrettably are connected through faith, culture and history to other events on a larger scale.

In my opinion, who benefits from the killings in Paris, is the one who gains from weapons production as a result of the west building up for renewed war against the proxy used to blame for the crime. The same cycle of war that has been running since 2001 ever since the famous Twin towers were taken down and nineteen proxies blamed for it.

Muslims make no profit from these killings and all Muslims know that and so do the few braindead terrorists within their faith. There are just as few Muslims willing to be terrorists as Christians or Buddhists, whatever the mass media is trying to make you believe.

How many citizens in the enlightened Industrial Ghetto are aware that the economy of the west is for two thirds or more based on the manufacture and development of weapons, and their usage? Is the main media informing you of the relevant numbers? Or does it not matter because it is all for defence, as other empires posed to invade?

If so, then why has the defence alliance, known as NATO, been on the offensive in other countries – murdering thousands of innocent civilians for almost two decades?

The economy of the United States, Britain, France and Germany rests on arms and military industry. An industry that became should have largely become obsolete after the Cold War. It has ties into politics, banks and main media, and noone really knows who owns it. Noone really knows the board of directors at the top of the pyramid.

This complex was able to construct a new enemy to maintain its industry and related cash games. Otherwise there would have been a major economic collapse in all the industrialized countries, and consequently spawning through the entire globe, creating a recession we would still be un-recovered from.

First the Nazis were the bogeyman – quite literally so – then the Communists and now Islamic Terrorism. Within a decade was created an even better enemy. An enemy that isn’t tied to a defined nation state, which is very portable and can be easily fabricated by two or three people in a shooting in Paris, Copenhagen, Reykjavik or San Francisco.

Twelve casualties of war

You don’t publish caricatures against the faith of Muslims in the most populous Muslim country in Europe in for fun. No one seems to wonder if Charlie Hebdo was a covert operation such as much as we’ve seen in spy movies. Enterprises have been constructed by the secret services for example at the time of the Vietnam War and the Cold War.

Companies seemingly innocent on the surface but the beneath the surface lurked a sinister agenda, sensitive to the light of day. Is the idea far-fetched in your mind, or was it made to appear far-fetched because the movies are fairytales?

It is probable that some movies are fabricated simply to get you to think so. Notice that since the collapse of communism, the media indicates that such operations only exist within overactive imagination, although intelligence services are better funded today, and more efficient, than they were before.

In this light, I should indicate two older articles of mine (here and here ) published, in connection with Hebdo’s wicked operation.

I use the phrase Hebdo operation because it is my opinion that it was a carefully prepared operation to manipulate the public opinion. Following the massacre on the morning of Wednesday January 7, there will be many scenarios played out as a result and for months or even years we will see the repercussions.

Not the least against the rising tendency in many western cities to form microstates and micro-nations, a phenomen awaiting to begin a steep rise within many cities in the world. Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of people came out into the streets to protest the assassination of twelve people, and it happened so quickly as one got the sensation that planning was involved.

Most people holding a printout of Jes Suis Charlie. Never do you see anyone holding a printout with Jes Suis Chelsea.

There has noone been out in the streets to protest how the banks and their legislative servants evict thousands of families into homelessness, a tragic crime against humanity, committed daily ever since the collapse of 2008. A banking crime against all the industrialized nations, a true crime, but noone protests.

How many have committed suicides since? How many live on the streets since? How many thousands of children are being raised now who will never recover from this crime? Why is a number in a ledger more important than the lives of families? Why is the printed idea of value more valuable than the cornerstones of cultures?

Debts that are even based on computer records but not tangible money. There exists no real debt; it’s all fabricated; just as the terrorism used to hypnotized you.

You owe artificial amounts, entries in a computer system. Noone objects to how the illusion of the Industrial Ghetto keeps you walled in. No media is prepared to explain to you the real crimes or expose deceptions and illusions. The fabricated reality.

Noone addresses this within the main propagandamedia and if you dare to go outside the framework of spiritual- and intellectual fastfood, the more you’ll see the dimensional spin on reality keeping people captive in a mindsystem that controls their behaviour.

No look at this, not even the conspiracy theorists fully realize it though they are close. Everyone is united to hate Islam, because of twelve casualties of mediawar. But how many French soldiers have died in recent years because of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. How did NATO bombers destroy the infrastructure of the people in Libya, because of one demonised leader?

A country in ruin and still in embraced by civil war, but the propagandamedia is silent. Perhaps we should coin a new term; propamedia?

The twelve casualties of war knew that they could expect to be attacked. It is possible that some of them had been attacked before and in addition we may well imagine that some of them were simpletons who were more or less deemed expendable by someone in the shadows. These people may well have been brainwashed by a modern version of MK Ultra. Expendable and manipulated scapegoats to feed the industrial war monster.

Very few outside the circle of conspiracy theorists dare to connect the dots of this kind and noone has the mentality for it within the main stream. Then there are intelligent simpletons within the Complex who themselves believe in the spins and buy whatever they see, even some who have the means to discover how their intellectual and emotional strings are being pulled.

Others simply don’t care and are content to side with a power, as in all fascist regimes. Did you believe that fascism was bound to a one-party system? Were you led to believe that a power system is not corrupt and vile if it a deceptocracy under the guise of democracy?

As I said earlier, I don’t like revisionism or denyism. Neither am I fascist or racist. I am not a conspiracy theorist, though I can easily identify conspiracies and mass-deceptions. I do not belong to any ideology – though some simpletons have accused me of such and will do again.

I am a prophet of God and I only belong to my faith. I follow no agenda within the mindsets of man. I was entrusted with a message and I have been conditioned in such a way that I carry it out. I answer to no man or man made agenda.

The shadow powers wage a war against the Islamic faith, using the industrial Christian states, and the Zionist state. There is no one to discuss it honestly or show people that it is a propaganda war and a deception. It is a religious and economic war with an underlying conspiracy at the bottom, almost completely hidden. It plays on the fear and hate of individuals and spins them out of self-control, into control.

Paris is a city of many millions of people. If you view a map of the neighbourhood where the murders were committed – you can see how a small car drove into web of streets, and how the criminals disappeared after having shot certain people (behind closed doors) and drove calmly away.

There is no danger for you – your holy little consumer-self in a large protected ghetto. Although I heard people in a cafeteria today to ask “what happens next, what about us? What if the culture of Muslims carries some kind of evil tidings here?” When people are frightened they lose clear headedness.

Oh the drama! Oh improvisation! Oh more drama in all media to create fear, anxiety, prejudice and hatred. As the world system of fear has been doing for centuries. You are controlled, manipulated and hypnotized.

There is only one way open to get out of such a system – not just in our system, but all systems of thought – and it is to leave the system of thinking, or mindsystem. It can not be done while your mind lives within the dogmas of the system, and while you do not see the jungle but just only next tree spinning and shaping your view.

Dogmas of the system are the ideas that you consider to be a reality, but are only in your head and visible through other people’s expressions. In other words, ideas that have weight or value. There is nothing wrong with knowing ideas or the opposite ideas, but it is dangerous to give them weight, for then you buy into the one who benefits from them.

The question is how can I become liberated from such an embrace? Because most of us don’t see how we buy into mindsystems and their illusions. They become part of our realities and our self-image.

I cannot teach you how to free your mind from your own dogmas, whether indoctrinated or self-imposed. For if I would teach you that, I would automatically become your leader. I would simply replace the system or ideology which was previously the leader of your mind and heart, enslaving your soul. I reject leadership roles, totally.

I stand for direct democracy and inspired faith. I encourage others to become inspired themselves, to selfeducate and become informed, and to build an inspired community of diverse and open minded people.

I place here a link to an interesting summary of the BBC of the timeline of the events which inspired me to write this long and difficult article. I wrote it originally in Icelandic on

Lastly, I wish to send all Muslims my sympathies for their faith being used in this way. I do think in my prayers of ordinary people who are be affected by the unjust violence in the wake of these atrocities.

I am convinced that these atrocities are produced by the shadow elite manipulating events and authorities, as I’ve already explained.

We, the informed and mature people of modern times, all know that violence is not a cure for violence, that hate is no remedy for hate. Rebellion creates rebellion and only loving enlightened minds can transform and heal our world and it is our human duty to participate in good, but not in bad. Please cultivate respect, communication and harmony; and above all Pay it Forward.






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