Your spiritual destiny vs. egodestiny

Your morality and ethics are chosen, defined, and taught, by those who hold moral and governing authority in your society. By choosing what propaganda or news you’ll see the world through i.e. media and education, you will not easily see if they hold to the same values, and you will assume that they do.

Furthermore, if you have not been taught to question “the self evidency” of your own mind, you will take for granted “ideas and concepts” shown to you. Particularly will those shape your mind – self image and worldview – which you believe in or feel to be valid.

From dogmatic religion through logically explained science; if you cannot perceive through this veil, you won’t.

You will instead be hypnotized, through your own desire to be led, and you will be governed and harnessed. If you can perceive this and accept it, then you only have a two-step process available which can effectively break you free from the prison.

1. You can discard the value of every one of your ideas.
2. You can begin to ceaselessly self-educate.

If you only use step 1, you will still be stuck. If you only use step 2, you’ll simply dig a hole in the prison floor.





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