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Shaping and refining the mind of the masses


If you objectively observe modern culture, you’ll realize that you’ve been subliminally conditioned to place your own opinions first – which atomizes you – and secondly to find it – a bit – absurd to believe that invisible entities are present. All of us, even many Atheists, are interested in the existence of invisible entities. Usually if you suggest to an atheist that he has a guardian … Continue reading

Your spiritual destiny vs. egodestiny


Your morality and ethics are chosen, defined, and taught, by those who hold moral and governing authority in your society. By choosing what propaganda or news you’ll see the world through i.e. media and education, you will not easily see if they hold to the same values, and you will assume that they do. Furthermore, if you have not been taught to question “the self evidency” of … Continue reading

There are four kinds of people


Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people. Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why … Continue reading

Reflecting on Jiddu Krishnamurti


I usually don’t like gurus, for so many of them simply quote what they have learnt from books, rehearsed and practiced until they sound perfect. But K – as he liked to be called – isn’t like them. He does what I do, but far better than I, to connect with infinity and let it speak. Another aspect I like about him, is that he doesn’t care … Continue reading

Spiralling lights


Man changes and uses his ideologies to either explain his inaction or action. From time to time different explanations arise. Once it was Hell and the Spanish Inquisition, then it was the hunt for Nazi war criminals, now it is the factions for or against The New World Order. Nothing changes in this respect. Human beings will define factions and definitions and vortexes of the mind, simplified … Continue reading

The real conspiracy


There is no conspiracy behind this Conspiracy theory. There are no evil people out to get you and fool you.  There are people who control your ideas and society because you, the public believe their systems and ideas. There are also people in control because you don’t want to be responsible and you don’t want to make a stand for what you believe in. Therefore the ones who … Continue reading

The darkness that binds us


I recently came across an image on the Web picturing the all seeing eye of Sauron, from The Lord of the Rings, positioned on top of The White House in Washington. My first reaction was a smile, followed by a nod, and then recognition. Anyone knows what this means. United States of America is currently the most powerful world empire of today. This is not to say … Continue reading

Self motivation


Our world is like a small angry child with a hand grenade. I don’t want the child to blow itself and us to pieces. Humanity has so much technology, so much biology information, so much knowledge. But we are using all of it to create anger, hatred, bitterness, and wars. This can only change if we transform our attitude. Our time is different than 50 years a … Continue reading

You cannot stand, sitting down


The Process has not been made into a printed book, yet.. I’m not even sure if it ever will be. Simply I don’t care. What matters to me is how it came to be, what it is, and how it transformed my soul. Transformed my life. Your life is created and shaped by your soul. If your life isn’t on the path of your happiness, then you’re … Continue reading



When I woke up I had a sad feeling inside. I’m not new to such feeling. In fact I’ve used the intensity of this feeling to monitor the state of my depression every morning for the past eighteen months. I stood there in my garden with my dogs on their morning business, feeling sad, more like crying inside. The feeling was more intense than usual. I was … Continue reading

Open the curtains for knowing


We are all beings of light. We all know everything there is to know, when we want to. All you need is to draw back the curtain. The Universe is large, so large that even if you were in a spaceship three seconds away from the edge, travelling at the speed of light towards it, you wouldn’t get out. The Universe expands faster than the speed of … Continue reading