Ignoring your village will kill you

I don’t mind that it is difficult for people to understand that the sun shines. I don’t mind that people find it difficult to connect dots if they have a lot of? ?knowledge? from their educational years but know nothing about generating information.

img-coll-0253I mind when a teenager of modern times knows more today than Leonardo DaVinci knew, more than Christopher Columbus knew, more than William Shakespeare knew, more than Napoloen knew, more than Edison knew, more than any of the great minds who expanded our knowledge, boundaries and culture.

A teen – or a grown up – who doesn’t even try to figure out that his breakfast cereal kills him, much less that humans are in ??possession? of infinite knowledge, capability and power.

And the same teenager who has grown up to ?opportunities? of further education – (checkmarks of read books) – and even given privileges of power and responsibility in our so called advanced society, then spends his life aquiring more and more and more, struggling to define his status among the empty shells of his peeers.

Ignoring that he belongs to a human culture spanning a small global village where how you think, and what about, actually has great impact on nearly everything, and that culture only exists because of people who have used their minds and connected their? ?awareness? with the universe through the millenniums.




People who believe that they were born with rights in a system which brainwashes you to believe in anything except yourself and does its damndest to keep your thinking process within fear, dogma, excuses, surface, and the whatnot of darkness, while seducing you to believe that you are enlightened.

Then people discover that something doesn’t compute and rather than connecting with humans, educating their minds (transforming knowledge into information and deeper understanding) they buy worthless self-help? motivational? crap which enforces them to believe in their worthless wishes rather than improving the state of being human.

How could I even begin to explain the state of being human where 20% of humanity lives within a ghetto wall of the industrialized micronations, while the rest stands starving outside the walls full of hate towards the unhappy meaningless self-help-motivated empty shells hiding behind the walls strapped to their remote controls, ?complaining? about the armies who hold the hordes back.

Did I forget to mention that I belive the human spirit can illuminate itself and grow up? Or did I tell you that the lot is hardly worthy of being saved from themselves? ?Love? matters, but not without truth and integrity.

We’re not so bad after all, I’m just pissed off tonight.





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