Pain follows the path of awakening Soul

We are born in darkness and when we grow strong enough to explore the dark world we hear tales of light. As we begin to chase the false lights of many colors we become illusified and slowly, painfully become aware.

img-coll-0281We find the twilight where shadows and wraiths slow us down and deceive us and we begin to conjure our own lights of many colors.

Until the day of the great dawn, which is unique to each of us, when we discover that twilight is also part of the great shadow and we refuse to follow false lights and slowly we learn to disillusion from our own lamps of the twilight. Our eyes begin to open up for the first time.

When the eyes begin to open the wraiths become demons and the false lights become the hypnotizing glare of the snakes; and the pain of opening the eyes for the first time transforms into the pain of awareness. The awareness that evil is not around you but lurks within your own delusion and refuses to let go. Choice enters your scope.

Will you back down from Self realization and let the demons scare you back into the twilight? Will you late the glare of the pythons stare you down into darkness again, or will you face the shadow of your own Soul and demand the answer, demand that the gate to the road less traveled to open up? Pain intensifies.

For the Soul knows that once the gate is demanded and once the journey begins, the demons will follow and the pythons will stare even harder and work up their sensational dances. It knows that each step will be like the first one, that every movement will give birth to agony, that perspiration of fear will be the daily drink. Will you knock on the gate? Will you strive for the passphrase; will you dare to pass the two brothers?

The angels of illusion and illumination, towering over your frail soul, each like the other, one pointing towards the path to enlightenment and death, the other one pointing towards the path of illumination and life; but you can only ask one question and only of one of them. Will you find the question? Will you find out in time if the wrong path is taken, will it be possible to turn back and try again?

Confusion grows and the twilight seems so safe.

This is the pain of the awakened soul, for each step brings deeper sense of Self and each moment of growth brings the interconnection of collective conscious shadow of all the other Souls into awareness and the awareness of love feels the pains of the other ones, not the ones left behind, but the ones who chose the safe illusion of the twilight.

On the path, you begin slowly to see. That others, oh so desperatly few, dared to try. You are infinitely alone on the road less traveled. Uphill and downhill, through forests and through lands of myst where every imagined thoughts comes alive, where every turn brings new lesson. For long periods you move on, often ever so slowly, but you learn and you grow.

The first movements seem like one step forward and half a step backwards and the sensation is tired, tired, oh so desperately tired. And for aeons, it seems, you feel you’re weaker, you feel you’re not moving on, for you don’t see your strength. You don’t see you are growing, you don’t see how some who were left behind in the twilight are seeing you, from afar, wondering where your strength comes from.

Stillness, ever so still, every time when you pause to breathe; you know where your strength aspires from. You know who inspires you. Our eternal divine creative father, who inspires us to grow, to love, to endure, to persevere, to become as great one day as he is.

The word itself, greatness, has lost meaning. For only the twilight understands such concepts. Love doesn’t need greatness, or any other concepts of meaning. For it is more. It is meaning itself.




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