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Threading an eye of the needle with a rope


Long time ago there was a prophet who said that it would be easier for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens than for a Camel to go through the eye of the needle. Ever since people have taken his words out of context in our world of fear and hate. Take for example one of his most ferocious pupils Paul, when he wrote … Continue reading

Pain follows the path of awakening Soul


We are born in darkness and when we grow strong enough to explore the dark world we hear tales of light. As we begin to chase the false lights of many colors we become illusified and slowly, painfully become aware. We find the twilight where shadows and wraiths slow us down and deceive us and we begin to conjure our own lights of many colors. Until the day … Continue reading

To find your voice you must leave normal behind


You live in a world wide culture denying God, even those who claim to believe that he exists rarely believe in him and don’t do real worship. Of course there are explanations, rules and many regulations, ideas and even doubts in your own mind;  insecurities and enigmas – about him or her or it. I was just the same. Until the summer of 2010 when I received the first inspiration. I had … Continue reading

Your path, your destiny


When you look back on your life, particularly when you approach the term “middle age” and onwards, you will begin to see a pattern, and the pattern will make sense to you. You won’t like some of the lamp posts that were on the path and you won’t like some of the turns you took. You will dislike absolutely some of the people you have met, but … Continue reading

Process of positive willpower


A simple process for dynamic living. Everything you do, every choice you make and every attitude is a process of thought. When you feel down, it’s an emotional process, when you solve situations is a mixture of emotional and intellectual process. You are not your current state of mind. You are in a state of mind and that state is formed by your attitudes, your choices. To … Continue reading


perspective c

Time is one of those concepts we have to deal with in our personal lifes. When we’re five years old we feel that it will take forever to grow up. When we’re single we feel that we will never again be touched (and it feels like eternity). When we’re middle aged we feel that life is racing us by. Then we ponder history! Oh man! Just over … Continue reading

Impossible path


We want to do the right thing, but we don’t. We want to eat healthy, and then opt for fastfood. The difference is the choice of words. Wanting something and wishing for it isn’t the same thing. I wish I’d eat healthy, but I want to eat fastfood. I might wish to exercise more, but I want to stay in and watch TV. You do what you … Continue reading

Open the curtains for knowing


We are all beings of light. We all know everything there is to know, when we want to. All you need is to draw back the curtain. The Universe is large, so large that even if you were in a spaceship three seconds away from the edge, travelling at the speed of light towards it, you wouldn’t get out. The Universe expands faster than the speed of … Continue reading