Shaping and refining the mind of the masses

If you objectively observe modern culture, you’ll realize that you’ve been subliminally conditioned to place your own opinions first – which atomizes you – and secondly to find it – a bit – absurd to believe that invisible entities are present.

gudjon-img--0073All of us, even many Atheists, are interested in the existence of invisible entities. Usually if you suggest to an atheist that he has a guardian of sorts, for example a distant aunt or great grandparent, he or she gets interested.

Also these people are interested in having their Tarot cards read or some other sort of divination, even if they scold it.

I’ve tested quite a few atheists, as I was born with psychic abilities – which are usually dormant – I have been aware of entities all my life. Until my teens I could see them but in my early twenties I found a way to tame my abilities and keep them dormant.

All my life I have had spiritual experiences, not all of them related to the existence of invisibles but in these early years it was quite common for me. Since these abilities have been worked on, or tamed, I am rarely aware of spiritual entities, though one never knows.

It’s often, in my experience, a question of focus.

From time to time something has happened which reminds me of these entities and it has even happened in recent times that I was called upon from the other side to assist deceased persons to pass through the division between worlds. A division the Greeks referred to as the river Styx.

Most normal people find experiences of this kind rather interesting. Tales, stories, books and magazines about other worldly matters are always of some interest to people. Even if they aren’t discussed so much in the mainstream society there are always some who claim to have the second sight and most people are a little bit curious.

For my perception of reality, as I am aware of the ethereal world and in fact on many levels, through my own experiences, it has never been a question to me to believe in the divine. Somehow it has been self evident from around eight years old that there is God and when I heard stories of other gods it was quite normal for me to accept that they might easily exist or have existed at some time.

Exactly what, how or why, has never really bothered me. All my life I have for some reason been aware that there is no “end of the line” where truth is concerned and that all my perceptions are precisely that; perceptions.

A fish sees his world through water, you see your world through atmosphere – each has a perception of the world we live in and what I find to be a truth today might, and will, transform into an expanded or obsolete truth at a later time.

In my twenties when I received valuable information about how to tame my natural abilities and later to coerce them to stay down, I had to learn how to use that information. For months, and even longer time, I had to work with that information and learn how to use it. Though it wasn’t easy and often it resulted in experiences which expanded my insight and realization.

I don’t speak of too often about these insights and experiences and in fact have no special interest in doing so.

From time to time, when I meet people who also have abilities, and even experienced spirit mediums, there are moments when something is discussed and it is easier to touch upon these matters with them, for the simple fact that there’s partly a shared worldview.

Pay close attention to the word partly, for when in the land of Mist nothing is what it may seem to be and in fact there are many reasons to expect the human perception to be played upon when it comes to these.

Usually when I’ve spent a moment or two, discussing with other psychics, I get tired of it and refrain from continuance, for it is not common for them to have ventured deeply through the levels and are usually stuck in the first level presented to the one who has a second sight.

There are many levels beyond our perception of the five senses. I won’t digress into these here, but it might be an interesting read if I would one day write a book about these, which is infinitely unlikely that I ever will.

The point I wanted to make in this article is not if there are other beings as such, but the way our modern culture has empowered you as a person to disregard the notion that they exist. Also for those who sense that there is more or find their existence to be a logical extension to our world, to coerce them to focus only on the possibility of our loved ones that have passed over.

Most modern religions rely on the possibility of an afterlife and most of them also find the existence of angels and demons to be essential to their doctrines – or dogmas. Most of them are founded upon the belief that there is a super-deity, able to intervene in our affairs, and that it has opinions about our thinking and conduct.

Therefore none of the religions would see any benefit in herding you away from the notion that the supernatural or invisible entities exist. Yet they have no interest in you communicating with them or receiving insight from them. There is an agenda behind this attitude and it extends to the secular mainstream, or those in control of it.

I suggested that you – or we for that matter – are atomized through the holifying of our own opinions.

While you are encouraged to idolize your own needs and wants, as well as your worldview and opinions, you loose the ability to join up with people who present atomized, marginalized and strange views. Therefore it is hard for anyone to create or join with a new and free way of mind.

This is done by presenting a set of mainstream worldviews (one wouldn’t suffice) and to allow a set of anti-mainstream worldviews (for example conspiracy theories). By presenting a worldview for most people to follow and mould themselves into, and to atomize the free thinking, the herd is more easily maintained, tamed, and steered.

By distancing people’s awareness to other worldly entities two other goals are attained. The first goal is for you to trust the hierarchies of dogmas to know about angels and spirits for you, to be the specialists. The second goal is to distance your perception from the possible existence of the fallen angels.

The bottom line is simple. If you don’t see that the fallen angels exist, then you won’t see how they control the mind of the masses or how they atomize and marginalize the unhypnotized.





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