Monotheism versus Idolatry

The faith of Monotheism is a very ancient one and it is the purest form of faith you can find. It is transformative, clear, moving, and true. All of its prophets have advocated three foundations of faith.

img-coll-0276One and the most important is that there is only one supreme all powerful creator.

Second that a person who approaches our creator and is open to him (or her) can become inspired by him and will be personally led by him.

Third, that all forms of idolatry leads one astray.

True Monotheist faith runs deeper and wider than all religions – as it is a faith but not an organized religion. Therefore it has no dogma, no rules, and no priesthood. It is on the other hand highly personal.

The great religions of Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrian and Islam (and even Hopi) are all inspired by pupils of the prophets of Monotheism. Therefore all adherents to these religions belong automatically to Monotheism.

I for one do not distinguish particularly between these establishments. If you belong to one of them, it matters not to me. Actually it matters not to me if you belong to any religion or none.

But how would you return to the clarity and purity of inspired Faith in the One true Creator?

It is something which takes place in your heart and has nothing to do with me. You simply open a channel within your own Soul to our Creator. Once the channel is strong enough that you feel you wish to make a step of devotion and service; you baptise yourself with immersion. You can do that with someone who has done it before, or you can do this in solitude.

If you tell someone about your faith or your immersion; is totally up to you. It really is this simple. As your faith is a personal subject, between you and another entity. You already know who the other One is.





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