Perceptions of expected reality

It isn’t about someone controlling you. It’s about your will. All conspiracy theorists are simply projecting their own anger and fear.

img-coll-0291They have deciphered an illusion, discovered a deception, and then they project onto it what some – supposedly evil – minds or entities must have had in mind or be having in mind.

As I point out so often; you must go deeper into the labyrinth to find out how to break the mirrors of self deception. It’s not a game to control you but to hypnotize you and then confine the creative power of your Soul.

Now you might be tempted to expect that someone will harness that power – and I believe it is being done – but it might also have to do with protecting the Universe from us.

If my suggestion would be true, it could also hint at another solution, also beyond the wall of shadowperception, that we’re simply in a kindergarten. That would actually be in sync with what it says in “God’s Will” that heavenly paradise and purgatory hell is simply a projection of our own shadow, where we hypnotize ourselves and confuse our own darkness.

Consider an entirely alternative approach to perception, namely that what you’re experiencing and believing to be actually happening right now – in this lifespan – might be a holographic projection of possibilities.

Your soul might have recently have passed into afterlife and now some angelic being is showing you all the possible paths your life might have taken if you hadn’t been so blinded by self deception and shallow mindedness. A movie after movie; to teach you stuff.

Lastly I will leave you with one more possibility. Perhaps there are billions of omnipotent gods capable of creating and maintaining Universes. You might be one of them, but you’re on a vacation in a Universe created by the headmaster of the God University you got your diploma from.

It’s easy to come up with more perceptions which all would easily fit into the reality we hold on to – I repeat; hold on to.

I don’t advertise often that I believe Charles Manson to be innocent. I did elaborate on this and about the demonization of Adolf Hitler in a Youtube talk a few months ago. I pointed out that often when someone is demonized and made into a dangerous provocateur of the mind, usually and almost exclusively means dangerous to the deceptions of the fallen angels and how they rule the current timeline.

This means of course that everything you’re being told about this kind of people, is a deception. I will point you to something which escapes your attention about almost everything in the hypnotization of our culture; namely your Will.

Notice that these two people whom I mentioned made Will into something exceptional in their philosophy and worldview.

Also if you go into the teachings of Yehoshua from Nazareth you will discover the same suggestion – yet they didn’t shout it or make it so evident; but more of a keel in their teachings. It’s easy to see, once you know that it’s there. But your hypnotism doesn’t allow you to resarch this and even if you’d want to, you’d find it too boring to go the distance.

Have you even noticed that Thinking and having Opinion is still the number one crime in human existence? Have you noticed that it’s easier to change the body of a transgender person than his or her soul?





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