Organized guerrilla armies and the great Jihad

In the weeks before Nato’s invasion of Iraq something happened in Iraq noone has told you about. Saddam knew that his army had no hope of withstanding the invasion but it wasn’t in his nature to give up too easily.

img-coll-0287You’ve been told that after Baghdad fell he hid himself like a squirrel in a hole in the ground; but you’re not told why he believed that he would benefit from this. If you knew, you’d understand the possibility of how ISIS was able to conquer third of Iraq in a number of days.

He used the weeks before the invasion to do exactly what Tito had done in Yugoslavia. If you know anything about Yugo, then you know about the civil war that raged there for almost two decades?

Have you ever asked yourself where the guns and ammos came from? Have you ever asked yourself where the backup food supplies came from? Have you wondered where the petrol reserves came from? Have you any idea how guerrilla warfare defeats modern armies?

The technique is the following. You divide the country into many dozens of individual military zones, then you fire a number of generals, lieutenants and other trained leaders, preferable for political reasons to give the appearance of whipping the army into obedience.

Then you take 70% of all possible supplies of guns, foodcans and foodbars and oil and ammo and spare parts and literally dig it and hide it.

You distribute the people capable of organization and leadership as widely and sneakily as utterly possible, with only them knowing where the distributed spares and supplies are to be found. You also make sure that the supply areas are distributed like sand if possible; and you rely on your knowhow of the land.

The conquering enemy will discover at least 40% of the supplies and confiscate them and they might search out some of the misplaced personnel but there will always be enough left in place to wait and seize the proper opportunity.

This is where the strength of ISIS comes from. These are not muslim militants; that’s just partly their coy. The international propaganda machine on the other hands needs you to believe that Islam is devilish and that you should be frightened. Also it’s obvious that ZioNATO benefits greatly from ISIS.

It’s just a next battle, which was prophesied before the invasion.

That being said. The original idea for Jihad was to unite all monotheists together against idolatry east of Persia, and that spiritual warfare has raged since, but not many will tell the west about it.

In fact, those Muslims who bother to read the Qu’ran discover that the prophet viewed Jewry and Christianity as sister faiths and was adamant that God viewed all three faiths to be valid.

Those Imams who declare Jihad against Jews or Christians are themselves committing blasphemy according to their own scripture. The entire world doesn’t get the importance of this insight – two dimensional and hypnotized culture.

 At the end of the day, keep in mind, that true servants of God are Totally against all violence and wars. We abstain from all ruling systems.





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