Satan created anti-semitism to deceive and hypnotise

Anti-semitism doesn’t exist and never has. Its concept and illusion is created exclusively by a mystical shadow entity to deceive you from connecting the hidden points of knowledge and understanding, to hinder you and confuse you.

img-coll-0210This is easy to prove but two points suffice;

1) Without the main media keeping anti-semitism afloat, noone would think of it. Out of sight, out of mind.

2) Arabs and Hebrews are both descendants of the Prophet Abraham, and both races are semites – compute that for a moment.

Now here’s the conspiracy plot: Jews are not the nation that you believe them to be. These are hypnotized people – honest and godfearing good people – who have been made to believe that they are offspring of Abraham; which they aren’t.

They are being used; by the same shadow power, hinted at above.

Therefore and in close relation to this; Zionism is an entirely fabricated agenda, whipped up and fed to unsuspecting and honest people who a) believe in the supremascist (and fascist) indoctrination they’re hypnotized through and b) only wanted a new home, yet would never have dreamt of the giant and complicated conspiracies to enforce it.

You cannot easily see this because in order for you to do that you’d have to tackle the Anti-Semitism doctrine and Anti Defamation Leage and other tools which have stapled your emotions to the wall of fear and prejudice. Then you’d have to confront other obstacles of deception.

It is already known in conspiracy circles – seemingly far fetched but actually quite close to historical truth – that the Jews where created out of Khazaria people’s who were fleeing the destruction of their kingdom. How they were made in the first place is related to the diaspora of the “sons of Levi” wich I can’t go into in this short article.

It is true that among the Jewish nation* there are remnants from the old Hebraic nation of ancient Israel and the worshippers at the second temple of Jerusalem. The people who where the watchmen of old for the coming spiritual kingdom of the heavens. But the Romans disperesed the 12 subnations – or tribes – of ancietnt Hebrews and they dissapeared.

* I am aware that from ultra orthodox Rabbinical viewpoint the Jews are not a nation, but a group of people who belong to a specific religion; judaism. I therefore use the term nation in a rhetorical sense.

There are prophecies that have promised to bring the twelve tribes back together again and raise a new spiritual temple. But the Israel that you know of is a fraud. The Jewish people who have been hypnotized through the illusion of Zionism, are being used in a horrble way, against themselves and against you.

This ancient shadow power is a very real and powerful one; it is personified in the fallen light-angel called The Illusionist, and Satan, and Lucifer and Devil. I refer to this powerful Angel of Light – brother of the Archangel Michael; as the leader of the fallen angels.

None of the twelve tribes are known today; except to few mystics. The knowledge is passed between mystics through generations by the power of inspiration and initiation known only to them.

I will give you kewords to research; Ukraine, Ark (Arch), Levi, Tibet+Egypt+BOtD, Babylon, Whore, Napoleonic-campaigns, Beast; Dragonpoison, Keystones.

The holocaust illusion – created and inspired by the same devil (a proof of this deception is in the Bible itself) was one of the keystones to establish this deception. It was not the first attempt, and I promise you that very powerful entities on the planet today – both spiritual and physical – are aware of this.

The present battle between the seven ancient angels of the seven congregations of mainstream hypnotism has something to do with this deception and also that the leader of fallen angels has been imprisoned. This is a powerful prophecy, a very real and substantial one, firmly rooted in mystical reality of monotheism, and it connects to the Eye of the needle.

Find a rope and begin threading. The end of the world ended three decades ago, as already explained in God’s Will. Ahead is The Great Transformation; not everyone can enter. Begin to question everything, and research diligently, and speak fearlessly (regardless of how wrong or right you might be). Lastly learn to abstinate from all mindsystems.

Lastly, keep in mind, that to acknowledge a race is itself racism. Neither negative or positive. This simple fact, has been kept out of sight from your mind. A true believer in The One Creator doesn’t hate anyone, doesn’t judge anyone, and certainly doesn’t follow a two dimensional ideology.





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