How Freemasonry becomes your destroyer

When you join into an ideology, and you submit your spiritual reasoning to it, your intellectual reasoning will authorize it’s power over you. In effect, you will belong to it.

img-coll-0556That ideology can be anything, Humanism, Mysticism, Idolism, Judaism, Christianism, Islamism or Nirvanism. All other ideologies fit in one way or another within these Seven Congregations of Satanism; founded by Samael, an angel of light.

The only ideology which is free from their power, is the pure and untainted faith in One Personal Creator of our Universe. Which cannot be defined. All ideologies are clearly defined, but pure faith can never be defined.

The moment you think you’ve defined it, something twists and turns, like a snake, and it re-warps itself. It escapes your grasp. You cannot submit it to petrification. Neither can you submit your reasoning to it, for it demands a free reasoning. You can only tread a path of relationship to it’s source.

Which is love in it’s purest form. Something which also cannot be defined.

Let’s consider a Nationstate. You’ve been fooled to believe in it as a natural entity, forgetting that it’s based on an ideology which made itself manifest through the power of the Golems who have submitted their spiritual reasoning to it, lead and manipulated by the Ghouls who have willingly sold it their souls.

Your nationstate has itself submitted its spiritual reasoning to a masonic concept of the United Nations; which is a masonic creation, a twisted Khalifa. A crude and fake imitation of a divine state. An entity ruled by the Rogue State which in turn was in it’s entirety created by Masonry.

That Rogue state, I dare to declare as Unified Satanic Association, but is more commonly referred to as U.S.A.

When a nationstate has through guile submitted itself to masonry, even though not seeing clearly the chainlinks of deception; Is owned by masonry, and this example propagates to all ideaologies which have manifested themselves.

The masons will not hesitate to do what they please, with what they own, even destroy it. Their essence, nature and operations have nothing to do with real stones and tools; but chiseling your Soul and doing with it what they please.

Never have they told anyone outside their vast and secret organization what they truly stand for, and even within their ranks you never know what is true and what not, while rising through the degrees of initiation and adeptness.

Some people think that International Zionism and the state of Israel having something to do with Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth; it’s just one more illusion created to mislead and appropriate people’s spiritual reasoning which originates in your Soul.

To understand this, you must remember that in order to mould and chisel a Soul, you have to break it and in the process risk destroying it.

Every mason who has risen through the first 33 degrees, and is in the process of becoming a Wraith, has himself gone through such process and he has no mercy on you when he submits you, his possession, to the same.





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